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Northern Territory Wildlife Holiday July 9
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Our wildlife holidays, wildlife tours and safaris of Australia are listed below:

The size of all of Europe, the whole United States of America or all of southern Africa; Australia is a vast expanse of land and home to unique wildlife hanging on in the extremes which the climate and geography produce. With the sheer size of the country it is impossible to see everything in one trip; indeed you can spend a lifetime here and not get everything done. That is why Royle Safaris specialises in highlighting some of Australia’s greatest natural wonders. From the annual plankton blooms of Ningaloo Reef which attract whale sharks to the very unusual Tasmanian devils or the jumping crocs of the Adeliade River we have it all.

Being as big as it is Australia encompasses a huge variation in ecosystems and wildlife, from the dense tropical rainforests of Queensland to the barren red centre and Uluru (the largest single rock in the world). Isolation from most of the rest of the world for millions of years has also produced a strange group of mammals almost unique to this country. The marsupials which do away with the need for a placenta to provide nourishment for their young like other mammals, instead the embryo ‘climbs’ from the uterus to the teet and attaches to it inside the famous pouch and develops outside of the mother’s body. But if you think that is weird you obviously have never heard of three really bizarre mammals; of which two are regularly seen on some of our Australian wildlife holidays, wildlife tours and safaris. This group are called monotremes and revert to laying eggs in which the young develop. The two commonly seen monotremes are short-beaked echindas and the very unusual platypus.

In addition to these really bizarre species there are of course more familiar animals which are typically Australian such as kangaroos, wallabies, dingos, wombats, possums, emus, crocodiles, snakes and koalas. All these are seen regularly on various wildlife tours. But many of our Australian safaris focus on the marine life around this continent sized island. The oceans bloom with animals from the largest single living mass of animals (the Great Barrier Reef) to the largest pristine sea grass ecosystem (Shark Bay) in the world and all around there are many species of whales, dolphins, turtles, sharks, stingrays, pinnipeds (seals and sea lions) and of course fish. Every fish from little Nemo-like anemone fish to huge potato cod (a divers’ favourite) are known from these waters and most of our tours combine an element of snorkelling or diving to truly get a feel for the underwater life down-under.

Join one of tours to Australia and you will come back wanting to not come back if you get my drift! A land of beautiful wilderness, huge open expanses, unique wildlife, abundant marine life and a different story every hour…why wouldn’t you want to come along?

All these tours are available on other dates (subject to availability) than the dates listed. Please contact us to arrange a tour on a date which suits you.

Australia Wildlife Holidays

Jul 09
Aug 28
Sep 10
Nov 01

Eastern Australia’s Mammals Tour

November 1 - November 16
Jun 15

Western Australia Wildlife Holiday

June 15, 2025 - July 4, 2025



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