Borneo - Malaysia

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Borneo’s Rare Mammals Tour September 18, 2021 – October 2, 2021 £850 – £3995

Tawau Hills Wildlife Tour September 12, 2021 – September 18, 2021 £200 – £960

Borneo (Malaysia) Wildlife Holidays

Our wildlife holidays, wildlife tours and safaris of Malaysian Borneo are listed below:

Wonderful Orangutans, bizarre Proboscis Monkeys, pygmy Asian Elephants, elusive Sunda Clouded Leopards and iconic Hornbills. All of these and hundreds more species are found on the incredible tropical wildlife paradise of Borneo. Split over 3 different countries the large island of Borneo has many wildlife watching locations. These tours are focused on the Malaysian part of Borneo (Sabah and Sarawak).

Borneo is well known and well established wildlife watching destination, people travel from all over the world to see the largest arboreal animal in the world; the old man of the forest the Orangutan.  But there is a wealth of other wildlife in the forests and hills and surrounding waters of Borneo. Proboscis monkeys jump from tree to tree along the river banks, huge crocodiles wait underneath, the last herds of elephants on the island walk the forests of Sabah and huge hornbills and endangered Storm’s storks fly over head.

But is it not just the more common and well known species which you can find in Borneo on our Borneo Wildlife Watching Holidays also focus on some of the rarer species around here. Specialist mammal watching tours focus on Sunda clouded leopards, Sun bears, Marbled cats ,Sunda pangolins, Bay cats, Hose’s civet and a treasure trove of other species that inhabit the deepest darkest corners of Borneo’s remaining forests.

By joining one of our wildlife tours to Sabah, Malaysian Borneo you will be in the hands of some of the best and most dedicated guides in Asia as we focus on diurnal or nocturnal species and have an incredible track record in seeing some of the world’s rarest species. As well as the more iconic and well known species in Borneo.

All these tours are available on other dates (subject to availability) than the dates listed. Please contact us to arrange a tour on a date which suits you.

Sep 12

Tawau Hills Wildlife Tour

September 12, 2021 - September 18, 2021
Sep 12

Borneo Wildlife Holiday

September 12, 2021 - September 27, 2021
Sep 18

Borneo’s Rare Mammals Tour

September 18, 2021 - October 2, 2021



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