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Just Iberian Lynx Tour April 6, 2025
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Lost Land of the Iberian Lynx Tour May 25, 2025
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Cats are often the reason people travel around the world on wildlife watching holidays and safaris, and whilst lions, leopards and tigers get most of the highlights, there are four species of cat which make up a unique and special group. They are the lynxes; the Eurasian, Canadian and Iberian Lynx and the Bobcat. All are possible to see in the wild, with a couple much easier than others, but all can be seen on Royle Safaris Lynx Watching Holidays.

All four of the members of the Lynx genus share certain traits, they all have very long hind legs (capable of jumping long distances), prominent triangular ears complete with distinctive hairy tufts, downward pointed hairy cheeks and of course the short stumped tails.

Of the four species of lynx there are two which are particularly easy to see, however it is odd that these are one of the most common and certainly the rarest. The most common and possibly easiest to see is the Bobcat of North America, but the rarest lynx is possibly also the rarest species of cat in the world; the Iberian Lynx. Over the last few years seeing this rare lynx has become quite easy and we currently have a 100% success rate in seeing Iberian lynx on our trips which we can run at any time of year.

The other two species of lynx can be harder to see, principally the Eurasian lynx, whilst being widespread they are not known from any specific places (until recently). People would travel to Romania or Poland in the hope of seeing one of these cats, but few succeeded. There are some reliable sightings in the Swiss Jura Mountains but we hope to have discovered the only yearly reliable location for Eurasian lynx in the remote parts of the Tibetan Plateau and along with other species (including other iconic cat species) we offer the chances for you to see this amazing lynx.

The Canadian Lynx is harder still and requires time travelling in the north of USA or even Alaska in winter to try and find the animal which probably has the largest paws in relation to body-size in the world. It’s own natural snowshoes to move through it’s winter homeland.

So whichever lynx you wish to see we are confident that Royle Safaris has the perfect Lynx Watching Tour for you, particularly with the Iberian Lynx our range of Iberian Lynx Watching Holidays is second to none.

All these tours are available on other dates (subject to availability) than the dates listed. Please contact us to arrange a tour on a date which suits you.

Lynx Watching Holidays

Jul 24
Feb 07

Poland’s Winter Wildlife Tour

February 7, 2025 - February 14, 2025
Mar 08

Spanish Wolf & Lynx Watching Tour

March 8, 2025 - March 15, 2025
Apr 06

Just Iberian Lynx Tour

April 6, 2025 - April 9, 2025
May 17

Andalusian Wildlife Tour

May 17, 2025 - May 24, 2025
May 25

Lost Land of the Iberian Lynx Tour

May 25, 2025 - May 30, 2025
Jul 26

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  • Iberian Lynx
  • Eurasian Lynx
  • Canadian Lynx
  • Bobcat

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