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Royle Safaris is unique among wildlife holiday, wildlife tour and other safari companies as we are 100% designed, inspired and planned by zoologists and seasoned travellers. This means that all our tours are the best in terms of time spent in the field viewing the animals and each one offers a unique chance to understand the natural world from an experienced zoologist who has often worked directly with the target species in some project or another somewhere in the world.

In addition to having a professional zoologist as an escort all our tours are full board with no hidden costs, so assuming you eat and drink the provided food and water during the main meals and buy not souvenirs whatever you have spent on the cost of the tour is all the money you will spend! The only extras are any food and drinks bought outside of the three provided meals, souvenirs and other personal items as well as any tips to the local guides, drivers or escort.

Our overall goal is to showcase the natural world to as many people as possible and for you to reach places which are not always on the top of peoples places to visit but have such a wealth of life they will live long in the memory of you. Royle Safaris specialises in taking people as close as is safely possible to some of the most exciting and wonderful wildlife in the world.

We also try to make all the activities and transport private for our group meaning that you will get one to one attention from the local guides and zoologist as our largest group sizes are 6 people. There are other tour companies who have huge groups which makes finding animals more difficult especially on foot as the noise of fifteen people trekking through a rainforest often frightens animals away; so we make sure that our groups are small enough to maximise your viewing as well as the making the animals feel more comfortable and relaxed in our presence.

Unlike many other companies offering wildlife tours, wildlife holidays and safaris we run with a minimum of four guests not ten or more and a maximum of six unless a prior arrangement is made. This ensures that everyone gets the personal touch and no one feels left out. In addition to that a smaller group size increases the chances of seeing wildlife as noise, smells and disturbance is also reduced with less people.

Another very important factor in why many people decide to join a Royle Safaris tour is that we are flexible, our dates are not always set in stone and if you have a group of 4-6 people and want to move a tour by a few days we can often achieve this; we also have the facility to design a wildlife holiday, wildlife tour or safari to suit your exact requirements. If you visit our tailor made tours page and let us know as much information as possible about where, when and what you want to do we can organise a tour and come back to you with a quote. There is no obligation and no fee if you decide not to come along on the wildlife holiday, wildlife tour or safari.

So explore or website, request a brochure and get in contact with us to discuss your ideal tour or simply join one of the existing wildlife holidays we have available.

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