Wildlife Tours

Royle Safaris is dedicated to showcasing the very best wildlife around the world with a zoologist escort so that you can fully appreciate and understand exactly what is going on and what the animals are doing. All of our wildlife tours, wildlife holidays and safaris are tailored to find animals when they are at their most spectacular; such as the beaching orcas in Patagonia, feeding minke whales in Scotland, migrating whale sharks of Western Australia and we use the climate to gauge the best time of year to optimise your comfort with the best viewing of wildlife. Royle Safaris also offers the chance to get to some of the most remote and exciting places in the world to track down rare and endangered animals which most people will never get the chance to see.

Our director has been travelling the world and highlighting potential safari and wildlife holiday and wildlife tour destinations for the his entire adult life and has created all the itineraries; including adventurous wildlife tours to the heart of Bangladesh in search of the rarest ape in the world, road trips which span nearly the length of the Australian west coast and primeval trips into the ancient forests of eastern Poland.

So why not have a browse at our wildlife holidays and wildlife tours below and get in contact with us to discuss your ideal wildlife tour and don’t forget that if you cannot find your perfect wildlife tour below visit our tailor made tours page and let us build your dream safari!


Fact of the Day

Members of the shark family are seemingly the only animals to be immune from sickness and disease. They have even shown evidence of being able to fight off cancer

Fact of the Day

The gemsboks body temperature can rise to 43degrees C but due to an intricate system of blood vessels the blood is chilled to a life saving 40degrees C before it reaches the brain