Bear Watching

Bear Watching


Bear Watching Holidays

All our bear watching tours, wildlife holidays and safaris all over the world are listed below:

Few animals raise such good feelings as bears do. Often huge, fluffy and cute they are a joy to find and observe in the wild and Royle Safaris offers some fantastic opportunities to see some of the best the bear world has to offer. Our director has spent time in Ecuador working for the Andean Bear Project and in that time learned to appreciate the impact that the spectacled bears have in this finely balanced ecosystem and it was whilst he was high up in the paramo of the Andes tracking the bears he thought how amazing it would be to show other people this beautiful part of the world.

So you can enjoy the delights of the Ecuadorian cloud forests as we search out the very rare and elusive spectacled bears, or if its polar bears that interest you check out our tours of Canada and take advantage of the prime polar bear viewing period as the largest aggregation of polar bears on the planet takes place outside of Churchill every year.

If you cannot find a bear watching holiday which you like then contact us via our tailor made tours page and we can create your ideal holiday and equip you with an experience zoologist so you can get the most of your bear watching holiday.

All these tours are available on other dates (subject to availability) than the dates listed. Please contact us to arrange a tour on a date which suits you.

Bear Watching Holidays

Apr 12

Red Pandas & Chitwan Safari

April 12 - April 22
Apr 20

Just Red Pandas Tour

April 20 - April 30
Apr 21

Red Pandas & Bardia Safari

April 21 - May 3
May 04

Just Wolverines Tour

May 4 - May 8
May 16
Jun 22

A Week in the Wild

June 22 - June 26
Jun 23

Ultimate Bear Adventure

June 23 - July 3
Jul 10

White Whales & White Bears

July 10 - July 18
Jul 18

Kamchatka Bear & Volcano Tour

July 18 - August 5
Jul 24
Jul 27
Aug 06

Japan Endemic Wildlife Tour

August 6 - August 22

Top Animals

  • Brown & Grizzly Bear
  • Polar Bear
  • American Black Bear
  • Sloth Bear
  • Spectacled Bear
  • Giant Panda
  • American Black Bear

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Fact of the Day

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