Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you sell flights?

No we do not directly provide flights; but if you contact us via phone or email we can recommend a good air travel provider for flights to your destination. We then provide you with a web link to their website for you to enter passenger details and payment.

2. What is the best all-round tour for animals?

All our tours are brilliant to get close to many different species. They have all been specifically designed to highlight the best and widest range of animals from each region we visit. However there are some tours which offer a broader range than others. There are your classic big five game safaris such as our aptly named Big 5 Safari to Kruger National Park in South Africa and our Exploration of Botswana; these tours are great for mega-fauna. Our Best of Sri Lanka offers the broadest range of wildlife from large mammals such as Asiatic Elephants, Water Buffalo and Leopards to endemic birds and reptiles in the rainforests and the largest animal of all the Blue Whale. For marine life our South African Shark Bonanza is a particularly good tour as is Wild Western Coast which explores the west coast of Australia.

3. How many animals will I see?

That all depends on which tour you go on and how lucky we are when we get there. All our tours have target or focus animals which we will spend most of our time looking for. Such as tigers, orcas, polar bears and one-horned rhinos; however we do aim to find and view as many different animals as possible. But saying that we will not rush around and skip from one sighting to another to boost the animal tally.

The major influence in how many animals we see if the weather, all our holidays are planned around the best time for the wildlife and viewing it. Which means we usually have the best weather and conditions for wildlife observation. But the weather is unpredictable and as a result we sometimes fail to see the focus animals. In these events we try and arrange other excursions which are more convenient in the conditions present.

4. Do we share facilities with other groups?

No, not where possible. We aim to have private vehicles, boats and activities where ever possible. However there are some instances where we this is not possible and we may share activities with other groups and independent holiday makers. This include some whale watching, shark cage diving and some other boat excursions.

Even when an activity is shared the other people are always like minded, travelling to view the same animals you are and so if anything provide extra company.

5. Do we need to bring any equipment with us?

That depends. Depending on what your focus is and which tour you are on the equipment needed can be very minimal or very specialised. I do recommend you bring your own camera, binoculars, water proofs, hiking/comfortable shoes and basic first aid kit. These are basic tools needed to view animals all over the world and should be counted as standard equipment; however you can bring scopes, reference books, snorkelling, diving gear, survival packs and anything else you feel will aid you. On each itinerary there is a small list of the recommended equipment you might want to bring as well as what is provided on the tour. In terms of snorkelling and diving the cost of hiring all the necessary equipment is written into the price and if not refundable if you decide to bring your own.

6. What do we get extra?

All our tours are full board. Meaning we provide three meals per day as part of the package. Of course you are free to buy extra food or even eat out somewhere instead of the provided meal. Most of the evening meals will be at our accommodation, whilst lunch will often be eaten on in between safaris or activities. This is almost unique for wildlife holiday providers and will account for some of our tours being slightly more expensive than some competitors. As food costs can mount up considerably on other packages. In addition to being full board a small reference book library will be available on each tour so you can read about the animals you see in more depth, this is made up of the best and latest field guides for the regions we are visiting. In case there is any bad weather and we are unable to do any other activities or during the evening and long drives we have a small DVD player and a collection of wildlife documentaries relating to the area we are visiting. As well as those extras which make your holiday as informative as possible as well as cutting your extra expenses down as much as possible; the bonus of having a professional zoologist escort is that you have his knowledge and experience and the option for other activities such as spotlighting in the evening or bird watching in between safaris etc.

7. Can I travel to any country I want?

Yes. Even though we have only 13 countries selected for our main holidays and tours offered, we specialise in producing bespoke itineraries for any duration, any destination and any time of the year. If you let us know as much information as possible we will be happy to get back to you with an itinerary and quote.

8. How much time do we get watching animals?

Again this depends on the tour. We aim to spend the majority of every day viewing wildlife; I mean that’s why your there! But on some tours there are days which require a few hours of driving to get to and from destinations. We do guarantee that any interesting animal we come across at any point on the tour will be viewed and time spent observing it will be made.

9. What happens during bad weather?

When the weather is too bad to go out on certain activities. Some activities which can be affected by the weather are boat trips and hikes. In the rare event of not being able to go out on one of those activities we will try and arrange other wildlife viewing in the surrounding areas. Please understand that whilst we make sure our holidays are at the best time of year for weather and wildlife, there are adverse weather conditions which can affect us and sometimes we cannot offer any alternative activities. In some of these instances partial refunds (for the activities not completed) may be offered.

10. How secure is my booking?

100% secure as per the Package Tour Regulations (PTR) as set down by the European Union. Please refer to our terms and conditions for further information regarding our and your liabilities and more information on PTR. But basically if in the unlikely event of our insolvency you money, holiday and safe transport home is covered.

11. How knowledgeable are our guides?

Very. Each of our guides are specially picked due to their knowledge and experience working in the natural world. Where we have to we recruit the very best local guides with a passion for their indigenous wildlife. These include excellent Gibbon trackers in Bangladesh, boat skippers in Scotland and mahouts in Nepal who all know their trade and region exceptionally well and will aid us in finding the animals we are looking for.

If you have any other questions don’t hesitate to contact us.