Wildlife Holiday Destinations

Royle Safaris makes a point of visiting the very best locations at the very best time of year to highlight some of the most exciting and spectacular wildlife events in the world! From the beaches of Patagonia; crowed with southern sea lions and southern elephant seals to the towering sand dunes of Etosha National Park where a solitary gemsbok may seem like the only living thing for miles; Royle Safaris has it all.

Our wildlife holidays tour 6 of the 7 continents and we have tours to Antarctica in the pipeline too. We specialise in visiting places which are rarely if ever toured by other wildlife holiday companies, such as Bangladesh, Ujung Kulon and the Russian Far East. This means that there is a very real chance that you will be visiting places where no one else you ever meet will visit, some of our destinations are so wild that the animals are very curious of humans and often hang around for a long time. In the case of western hoolock gibbons in Bangladesh they literally hang around above your heads for hours sometimes.

We have trips heading to a variety of countries, listed above and categorised by continent. We are always adding more and more countries to our inventory and some of our itineraries are still in development, so if you have not found the country you wish to visit above, c as we may have something in the pipeline to offer you which is not currently online.

All our wildlife holidays are specifically designed by zoologists and other experts to maximise the time spent in the field and getting to the very best areas for wildlife and timed to coincide with some of the greatest natural events in the world; this means that we often leave the luxury of normal accommodation in order to delve deeper than most people ever dream of going.

If you cannot find a wildlife holiday or safari which suits you or you wish to visit a specific area of the world to view a specific species or event you can fill out our tailor made tour form and we will fully research an itinerary for you with a quote for you to use. This way you can get the best rate for a wildlife holiday which you make! You also get all the perks of our other safaris and wildlife holidays such as a expert tour leaders and guides, all inclusions which can be included and the most time spent looking for wildlife possible; plus the fact that all our tailor made tours are researched and designed by experienced zoologists, guides and seasoned travellers, so your holiday is in very good hands.




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