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South African Shark Diving Holiday August 10
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Our wildlife holidays, wildlife tours and safaris of Mozambique are listed below:

This country bordering the east of South Africa is well off the radar for most wildlife adventurers and safari goers. However for anyone with a sense of adventure Mozambique offers a fascinating mix or vast wildernesses, large populations of animals, stunning white sand beaches and marine life to rival anywhere in the world.

With idyllic swaying palm trees, postcard worthy white sands and sun-dappled turquoise waters the long stretch of Mozambique’s coastline is a very relaxing complement to a busy few days on safari or diving for sharks & dolphins.

From these wonderful beach resort locations you can go inland or out to sea equally easily. So whether you are interested in untouched and not touristy African wildlife adventures or the chance to dive or snorkel with whale sharks, hammerheads and dolphins; Mozambique really is the place for you.

It is unique as a country where, you can dive and snorkel among colourful and diverse reefs, explore and fall in love with tiny fishing villages or take a traditional dhow out on the pink-tinged ocean at sunset for a relaxing sundowner.

But it is inland where Mozambique also matches larger and more popular parks of Southern Africa. Whether a safari in Niassa Game Reserve, in the north or exploration of the Gorongosa National Park, bordering Kruger National Park and you will see large herds of elephant alongside buffalo, zebra and wildebeest and many other African wildlife.

Our Mozambique Safari Holidays focuses on both of the typical African jeep based safaris which can be done in the forests and savannas of Mozambique and the rich coastal waters and reefs. Either mixing these two focuses into one trip or specialising in one or the other, there is a range of ways you enjoy your wildlife tours to Mozambique with Royle Safaris!

All these tours are available on other dates (subject to availability) than the dates listed. Please contact us to arrange a tour on a date which suits you.

Mozambique Wildlife Holidays

Aug 10

South African Shark Diving Holiday

August 10 - August 22



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