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Tibetan Plateau Wildlife Tour July 25
£2018 – £7550

Tibetan Birding & Cultural Tour July 21
£1030 – £4088

Our wildlife holidays, wildlife tours and safaris of Tibet are listed below:

As far as uniqueness is concerned Tibet has to be regarded as the number one region of the world. Once a country and now an autonomous zone of China, Tibet still holds out against its powerful neighbour and is still a special place to visit. We explore this vast country with expert local guides who know and understand the culture, people and wildlife better than anyone else. We aim to showcase the very best of Tibet in terms of architecture, culture, history and the environment and believe you will not be left disappointed.

Being one of the hardest to reach places in the world, Tibet still has an amazingly vast area of untouched and pristine country and this is where you will explore the amazing sights of this country. From the imposing and awe-inspiring Potala Palace to the largest mountain in the world; Mount Everest.

It pays to keep checking on our tours of Tibet as we are currently looking at arranging a unique tour to find the incredibly rare and endangered mammals of the plateau like snow leopards, Tibetan antelope, Tibetan gazelles and Tibetan foxes.

All these tours are available on other dates (subject to availability) than the dates listed. Please contact us to arrange a tour on a date which suits you.

So join a cultural and birding tour to Tibet and enjoy a real exploration into some of the last wild parts of the world.

Tibet Wildlife Holidays

Jul 21
Jul 25

Tibetan Plateau Wildlife Tour

July 25 - August 13
Jul 26



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