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India Snow Leopard Tour (Ladakh) February 28, 2025
£776.00 – £4,047.00

Tiger Tracking Safari on Foot (Bardia) April 11, 2025
£750.00 – £3,203.00

All our walking & hiking wildlife watching holidays, wildlife tours and safaris all over the world are listed below:

Often the best or perhaps the only way to experience wildlife is by walking or hiking deep into the wilderness. These walks could be multiple days or sometimes day hikes or even half day hikes. Royle Safaris has various options to suit all levels of fitness and hiking experience. We have options for high altitude hiking into various mountain ranges in the world which are a treat for anyone wanting to escape civilisation and experience true wilderness, we also have tracking experiences for people wanting to learn about looking for wildlife on foot.

Some wildlife is only possible to see once you have got out of a vehicle and hike into their habitat such as mountain gorillas, mandrills or snow leopards and sometimes it is just better to get out on foot and track down animals like rhinos, tigers, wolves and spectacled bears. We always feel that when experiencing an animal on its own turf on foot is the best way, it is not always possible and when the animals are potentially dangerous we do so with trained professionals and take every precaution.

Sometimes our hikes are to see a particular species and sometimes they are to get to a certain area, we have multiple day trips to Bhutan which experience the mountains and lowlands and showcase the change in habitats as you change altitude. Whether you want to hike to a particular sight or just to experience a habitat we have a variety of options available.

Our range of Wildlife Walking Tours and Hiking Safaris cover all continents and a huge range of wildlife, from high Himalayan multiple day hikes to half day walks into the forests of the Pantanal and Andean cloud forests of South America.

All these tours are available on other dates (subject to availability) than the dates listed. Please contact us to arrange a tour on a date which suits you.

Wildlife Walking & Hiking Holidays

Top Walking Locations

  • Langtang National Park
  • Yellowstone National Park
  • Virunga Mountains
  • Russian Far East
  • Chitwan National Park
  • Snow Leopard Trekking
  • Cantanbrian Mountains
  • Cayambe-Coca National Park
  • Kibale National Park
  • Bardia National Park
  • Tasmania
  • Lope National Park
  • Sagamartha Natioanal Park (Mt. Everest)
  • Torres del Paine National Park
  • Amazon Rainforest
  • Inca Trail
  • Kachenjunga Mountain
  • Mountain Gorilla Trekking
  • Dryandra Woodland Reserve
  • Bhutan Terai Trails
  • Sossusvlei & Deadvlei
  • Kirindy Nature Reserve
  • Pantanal
  • Corcovado National Park
  • Sundarbans



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