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Uganda & Rwanda Primate Tour September 14
£1560 – £5819

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Deep in the rainforests of East Africa you will one of the most magical and mysterious animals on the planet. The elusive and endangered Mountain Gorilla. These gentle giants are facing huge pressure from poaching in war torn Central Africa but after years of peace and increased exposure worldwide eco-tourism is increasing rapidly in Uganda and neighbouring Rwanda. The main reason for this is the wonderful wealth of primates found here. The highest densities of primates in Africa and with some forests containing 20% of all Africa’s primate species this really is the place to come to see how our endangered cousins are fighting against extinction.

We use extremely experienced guides as we explore the rainforests around here and even visit Dian Fossey’s second home. We also spend more time on average than any other primate tour to Uganda or Rwanada. Travelling to both countries in one tour expands your view of the rainforests here and will bring you to the foothills of Virunga (the famous volcano which is shrouded in mystery). Spending two days tracking gorillas with expert guides and a zoologist escort will enhance your experience and get you closer to these great apes than ever before. In addition we also spend two days tracking chimps including a full day with a completely habituated troop of wild chimps.

There are so many primates of other wildlife in these forests that you will be stunned every day by something truly awe-inspiring. Whether it is being surrounded by wild chimps in the presence of world famous primatologists, finding the famous tree-climbing lions of Ishasha or just quietly watching a silverback from only feet way, we promise you will not be disappointed and will be wanting to return here next time before you have even left!

All these tours are available on other dates (subject to availability) than the dates listed. Please contact us to arrange a tour on a date which suits you.

Uganda Wildlife Holidays

Sep 14

Uganda & Rwanda Primate Tour

September 14 - September 23



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