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Western Saharan Rare Wildlife Tour March 12
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Our wildlife holidays, wildlife tours and safaris of Morocco & Western Sahara are listed below:

Deserts are rarely as empty of life and animals as people think or they may appear at first glance. Morocco is a mix of endless orange sand dunes, rock fields, rugged mountains, scrub forests and wild coastlines. All of these are fantastic ecosystems for wildlife and Royle Safaris has a range of trips which are full of wonderful wildlife.

So if you want to see Fennec Foxes of Sand Cats or search for rare birds such as Audouin’s Gull or Crowned Sandgrouse then you have to join one of our Moroccan/ Western Sahara tours. Most of our tours to this part of the world actually focus on the Western Sahara which is a country governed some by Morocco and some by it’s own government. It is mostly desert and coastline but home to probably more easily seen wildlife than anywhere else in the entire Sahara Desert.

Our trips usually have a particular focus here as the different kinds of animals (whether it is mammals, birds or reptiles) require different approaches and different times of day to be searching. So when looking for mammals we will spend long nights spotlighting, often not returning to camp until the early hours. As a result, each day’s activities will not start until mid to late afternoon, to allow sufficient time for rest. This is not the best routine for birding, so our specialist birding tours here operate different itineraries.

Not many people travel to this part of the world in search of wildlife, and so you will feel like you have the vast areas to yourself as we camp in the remote desert wildernesses.

Our Morocco & Western Sahara Mammal Watching Tours focus on some of the rarest and most elusive species in Africa, animals such as Fennec Foxes, Sand Cats, Ruppell’s Foxes, African Wildcat, Desert Hedgehog, African Golden Wolf and Saharan Striped Polecat are all commonly seen and targeted on our trips. There are of course several rodent species including various jerboas which are also easily seen. We have great local guides who have painstakingly searched for reliable locations for these species and so they are beginning to be seen on nearly every trip.

Join one of our wildlife tours to Morocco & Western Sahara and view the elusive desert mammals, birds and reptiles and enjoy the remote isolation of one of the world’s last great wildernesses!

All these tours are available on other dates (subject to availability) than the dates listed. Please contact us to arrange a tour on a date which suits you.

Morocco & Western Sahara Wildlife Holidays

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