Wildlife Photographer Option

Optional Photographer to Document your Holiday

At Royle Safaris we are proud to announce the option of having a professional photographer accompany us on our safaris. For an extra fee (divisible by the number of people in your group) which is dependant on the individual holiday.

Our photographer is Kate Ainsworth of Karma Images; she is the partner of Martin (Royle Safaris Director) and she has vast experience in travel and wildlife photography. Most of the pictures featured on this website and in our brochures were taken by Kate out in the field.

The pluses of having a photographer along for the duration are many, including the fact that you don’t have to panic if you miss a photo opportunity as the chances are Kate will have snapped it up already. She will also document the trip for you and your group and everyone will receive a 40 picture photo album showing the best shots from the holiday as well as a CD with around 250-500 pictures from the entire trip. In addition to all these we give you the option to choose your favourite image and have a 16 x 20 inch print or canvas printed up.

Along with having great photography skills Kate is an avid wildlife lover and has a great knowledge of many of the plants and animals we will be viewing.

If you are interested in having Kate join us on any of our Wildlife Holidays please send us an email on info@royle-safaris.co.uk and we can arrange this for you.

Royle Safaris' Wildlife Photographer

Royle Safari's Wildlife Photogrpaher

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