Primates are one of the world’s most popular group of mammals to travel around the world and observe in the wild. They are incredibly diverse, often diurnal, large and communal. All of which makes them interesting and relatively easy to see. However as a group they are among the most endangered animals in the world and in South East Asia many of the rarest primates cling on in ever decreasing spaces and in ever decreasing numbers. Royle Safaris is dedicated to conservation through sustainable eco-tourism and has pioneered several specific primate watching tours to around the world including in South East Asia. In spring 2022 Royle Safaris will be travelling to Vietnam for our next Vietnam’s Rare Primate Tour. There are a small number of spaces available on the trip if you are interested in joining the trip, you can find out more information about this itinerary on here or by contacting us.

Vietnam is home to 25 species of wild primate, for such a small country with a huge human (not one of the primates included) population this is incredible. This tour aims to showcase as many of these primate species as possible, we will not see all 25, but we do hope to be able to see around half (with some good luck). This tour travels from the south to the north and visits various locations which are among some of the only places where certain species still cling to existence.

South East Asian wildlife (and particularly Vietnamese) is at a turning point in terms of its conservation; currently there are still huge tracts of forest intact, with connecting forest corridors linking vital protected areas and cross boundary forests; where many endangered species still have large enough populations to survive into the future. However this can only happen with the right level of protection and awareness from the local people and their respective governments, as well as international eco-tourism really taking off here. But South East Asia is also the part of the world that is seeing huge deforestation and the proliferation in the illegal animal trade. The billions of US dollars in illegal logging and the animal trafficking trade is taking its toll, so now is the time for people (international tourists and locals) to appreciate what wonderful national parks there are here and also contribute to the local economies so that the locals begin to see that intact forests and living animals are worth more alive than exploited.

Red-shanked Douc, Son Tra Reserve, Vietnam

Whilst on this particular trip the primates are major focus of this trip; with some of the rarest species in the world inhabiting these forests. Some of the langurs, gibbons and douc-langurs are so endangered that there are only 50-100 left in the world. Some of these species are intensively studying and we have a very good chance of seeing them, some are not protected very well at all and so they will be harder to find, but we will endeavour to do our best at all locations or course. Once again (as with all Royle Safaris trips) we will employ the best local guides at each national park who will work alongside our own zoologist escort to try and find as many species and interpret the amazing behaviour we see.

Alongside the primates we will also be watching out for the larger species that inhabit these forests such as sambar deer, muntjacs and of course a whole host of rarer species such as sun bears, leopards, Indo-Chinese clouded leopards, binturongs and dozens of other species or mammals and the bird life is also incredibly varied with hundreds of species possible including a good number of hornbills with the magnificent great hornbill being the undisputed highlight.

Whilst exploring the forests and looking for all of these species and more you can rest assured that we will be exploring some of the least visited forests and national parks and seeing a range of wildlife that is unparalleled in other wildlife watching holidays.

This specialist mammal watching tour is one of our range of primate watching tours we are world leaders in these specialist mammalwatching holidays, with expert guides and more time spent looking for targeted species than other tours, Royle Safaris is ideally situated to maximise mammal sightings and with our scientific background we are at the cutting edge of rare and elusive mammal sightings and can establish sustainable ecotourism in some of the best rare mammal watching destinations in the world.

If you would like to know more information about this Vietnam Rare Primates Tour you can click here or contact us in addition to booking places on our small group tour we can also arrange private tours for any party size from 1 person on a solo trip to 10,  people on dates you choose (subject to availability).

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