Royle Safaris has one of the greatest ranges of Primate Watching Holidays and as a result we regularly take people around the world to see primates including the great apes. This in tern leads us to spend a considerable amount of time in Uganda and Rwanda as we track down chimpanzees and of course mountain gorillas. Uganda and Rwanda are the two best countries in the world for Gorilla Tracking and Gorilla Watching Experiences. Along with coming face to face with our peaceful cousins in their own environment our Primate Watching Holidays are made all the better as you are never quite sure what you will see and what to expect. This is best showed in this video; here you see a very rare sight in the gorilla world. Only around 1 birth in every 1,000 result in twins and many of the twins do not survive, so to see these two young twins with their mother in the Hirwa gorilla group of the Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda was magical. Many of the best moments we had when surrounded by the Hirwa group were caught on camera and have been uploaded to our Flickr account which you can view at your leisure. In this short video the group was on the move, they had been resting during a small rain shower and after the rain they had decided to move to a better foraging location, you can see in the video that one of the twins is firmly gripping the long hair on their mother’s back as she carries it away but the second twin struggles behind to climb aboard. Of course the mother waits for the second twin to catch up and climb aboard, but it is funny to see the little baby trying to get a grip.

Baby Gorillas Riding with Mother

For more information on our Primate Watching Holidays you can visit our Primate Tour Webpage or Contact Us. Further to this you can also watch the video and visit our Flickr account and see more Gorilla Safari pictures and videos.

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