Leading on from our latest range of Primate Watching videos uploaded to our Flickr account this video shows us moving out of the bamboo grove where we found the Hirwa group at the start of our Gorilla Tracking towards another foraging location deeper in the national park. The best part of this video is to show just how close the gorillas come to their human invaders during these one hour jaunts with the mountain gorillas. Whilst we are not permitted to get any closer than 7m for safety reasons (both as gorillas can be dangerous (being very powerful animals) and more importantly because humans can spread diseases to gorillas that can kill them. Common diseases such as the common cold and flu can cause server declines in gorilla numbers); the gorillas do not know the rules and will often come closer to you than the 7m rule. On this particular Gorilla Tour we had several close encounters with the gorillas of the Hirwa group including the one shown in this video where a young gorilla brushes past Martin Royle (the tour leader for our Ugandan and Rwandan Primate Watching Holidays). As we moved off following the silverback and the rest of the Hirwa group the juvenile gorillas would run up to us, slap us and push us out of the way as they fought to keep up, as well as tried their best to engage us into interacting with them.

Travelling With Mountain Gorillas

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