Bangladesh as a wildlife watching and eco-tourism destination is getting more and more popular and with the vast and wild Sundarbans mangrove forest it is not too surprising. Royle Safaris is one of the few tour companies that run specific wildlife watching holidays to Bangladesh before anyone also and we have our Sundarbans Wildlife Cruise Holiday heading out in March 2015 and there are the last few places available on this tour. On next scheduled tour is due for departure on the 26th March 2015 and we currently only have 4 spots left on the tour.

This tour visits the incredible Sundarbans mangrove forest, this is the largest continuous mangrove forest in the world and home to several hundred tigers.

Expert guided wildlife watching holidays of Bangladesh
Travel to Bangladesh and explore the Sunderbans

As well as the dense forest the Sunderbans is a complex network of impenetrable forests and estuarine waterways is a haven for some of the world’s rarest and most elusive species. The Sunderbans is home to the largest continuous population of tigers in the world and with an estimated 500 or so living in the largely uninhabited forest it looks to be one of the last strongholds of the tiger in the wild. Whilst seeing a tiger is the Sunderbans is a very lucky privilege we try our best, with camera traps and spotlights and expert zoologist guides to help increase our chances. As well as tigers we also have a chance of seeing the Gangetic river dolphin, wild boar, chital, langurs, salt-water crocodiles, dozens of species of birds and many other animals. This is currently the only dedicated Wildlife Watching Holiday to Bangladesh and the only tour that searches out Tigers in the Sunderbans, so if you are interested in exploring a part of the world that is seldom visited this is the tour for you.

So if you would like to join this tour and claim one of the last fewspots on this Bangladesh Tiger Holiday then you can click the previous link and have a closer look at the itinerary or contact us for more information. On our Sundarbans Tiger Cruise tour page you can book direct by clicking the BOOK button. We advise to be quick as this is a popular tour and we only have 2 cabins left on our chartered boat for the Sunderbans. We also expect this tour to fill up quickly as the prospect of tracking tigers on foot in the Sunderbans are so popular and this is just about the only tour that can specialises in wildlife of Bangladesh.

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