Due to the continuing success in conservation throughout Durminskoye Reserve and the neighbouring forests in Far Eastern Russia, Royle Safaris is proud to announce our second 2014 Siberian Tiger Tracking Holiday in November 2014. Whilst seeing a wild Siberian tiger is still very difficult we have worked hard to find probably the best location in the world to try and track down a sighting of this elusive and almost mythical cat. For the last 20 years a group of dedicated forest workers led by Russian conservationist and ecologist specialising in Russia’s tigers have been working hard to protect a large tract of taiga forest on the outskirts of Khabarovsk in Amur, Far Eastern Russia.  This reserve is Durminskoye and Royle Safaris is pioneering tours here in order to track Siberian tigers on foot and hopefully coming face to face with a big cat that was on the brink of extinction not that long ago.

Siberian Tiger tracking and wacthing holidays and tours
Siberian tiger tracking in Russia and have a great chance of spotting wild Siberian tigers with Royle Safaris on our Russian tiger watching holidays

For this Siberian Tiger Watching Holiday we travel to Durminskoye during the winter. This is one the best time of year as the tracks of the tigers are left in the snow for longer and the tigers’ movements are easier to predict. This coupled with the fact that we will have the expert help of Alexander Batalov (who is in charge of the reserve and is a man who has probably seen more wild Siberian tigers than anyone else in the world).

Our next Siberian Tiger Watching Tour is due to run on the 27th November 2014 and we already have 3 people booked on this small group tour. We are now looking to fill this tour to its capacity of 5 intrepid adventurers. The group will be 5 people maximum with our own Royle Safaris big cat expert, Alexander, a translator and Alexander’s expert team of tiger trackers. This is the team that we use when heading to Russia in search of this incredible big cat. So if you would like to join this tour and claim one of the last spots on this Siberian Tiger Holiday then you can click the previous link and have a closer look at the itinerary or contact us for more information. On our Siberian Tiger Winter Tour you can book direct by clicking the BOOK button. We also expect this tour to fill up quickly as Siberian tigers are so popular and this is just about the only tour that can specialises in tracking wild Siberian Tigers. We also have a previous success rate of around 30-40% in finding the resident male tiger with a 10 day or longer stay in Durminskoye Reserve. This tour allocates 11 full days in the reserve to track down Russia’s Siberian tigers.

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