Tiger Safari Operators

Tour Operators for Tigers (TOFT)

Royle Safaris are proud to announce that for the 2011 season we have joined forces with Tour Operators for Tigers (TOFT).
This is an excellent way of helping to protect and conserve tiger safaris across India and regulate their impact on the local community and wildlife in a sustainable way.

There are three main aims of the TOFT campaign (all of which help to establish sustainable and environmentally friendly tiger safaris in India):

1/ To advocate and support better tourism practices in wilderness areas, with specific best practice guidelines for Tour Operators, Destination Management companies, agents, service and accommodation providers and visitors.

2/ To empower local communities to become involved in wildlife tourism projects and initiate low impact and sustainable development which helps conserve the parks and benefits the communities through employment and business opportunities.

3/ To catalyse initiatives through the lodge community that enhance wildlife conservations and community support, including waste and water management, trade cooperatives, local employment, fair wages and local enterprises and services.

The more companies and organisations both in India and worldwide which sign up to this agreement, the better the conservation for this magnificent animal will become. All this means that when you book a tiger safari with Royle Safaris you can be assured that we have done our background work to ensure that the accommodation we use, local guides and drivers and of course all our practises and services adhere to this concept and you are directly benefiting the local and international conservation of tigers, through responsibly lead tiger safaris and tiger watching holidays.

Despite TOFT’s legislation only being implemented directly in India at the moment, we also apply all the same sustainable principals and environmentally friendly practises on our tiger safaris of Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan and Russia.

If you would like more information please to Contact Us and we will send you more information. So if you are interested in joining one of our responsible Tiger Safaris we can point you in the right direction and help you find your perfect Tiger Watching Holiday all over the world as we offer a great range of India Tiger Safari, Chitwan Tiger Safaris and Bangladesh Tiger Safaris and our new Siberian Tiger Watching holidays.

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