Indonesia is one of the most diversity countries in the world in terms of wildlife; with around 770 species of mammals, nearly 1,800 species of birds, ~750 species of reptiles, >1,100 species of amphibians, hundreds of thousands of invertebrates and around 250,000 species of plants the country is a treasure trove for all wildlife enthusiasts. As Indonesia is located in the world’s largest archipelago the wildlife is split over a huge number of islands, some of the larger or more isolated islands have their own endemic species and Java is no different. This tour focused on Java and some of the endemic mammal life in Java on this specialist mammalwatching expedition.

Our obsession with Javan rhinos goes back to around 2011 when (with the help of local guides and an intrepid wildlife photographer) we started to plan how to try and see one of the world’s most elusive animals which also happened to be the world’s most endangered large mammal. All of this culminated in back to back sightings on 4 of 5 trips which were run between 2017-2019.  With only around 74 left in the world we regard this as a remarkable success, this is the latest number thanks to amazing news of a pair of baby Javan Rhinos being captured on camera traps in 2021.

We were unable to run our planned Javan Rhino Expeditions in 2020 and 2021 and so we have to renew our trips over there in the summer (dry season) of 2022.

Javan Rhino – spotted in Ujung Kulon National Park. Photo credited to Christopher Scharf

With our amazing success in seeing Javan Rhinos we are very pleased to be running three expeditions in 2022 to find and observe them in the wild. We have already filled two of the three expeditions but there are 4 spaces still available on the third expedition. The dates for this next Javan Rhino Expedition is 02-12 August 2022 and such a specialist mammalwatching tour and very limited availability we recommend contact us to secure a place or you can view the itinerary and place a deposit direct here.

This specialist rare wildlife tour is one of our range of wildlife watching tours to Java, Indonesia we are world leaders in these specialist mammalwatching holidays, with expert guides and more time spent looking for targeted species than other tours, Royle Safaris is ideally situated to maximise mammal sightings and with our scientific background we are at the cutting edge of rare and elusive mammal sightings and can establish sustainable ecotourism in some of the best rare mammal watching destinations in the world.

If you would like to know more information about this Javan Rhino Expedition you can click here or contact us in addition to booking places on our small group tour we can also arrange private tours for any party size from 1 person on a solo trip to 10,  people on dates you choose (subject to availability).


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