Russian Wildlife Tour (Just Mammals)

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Russian Wildlife Tour (Just Mammals)

August 27 - September 8

£750 – £3395

The Russian Far East is one of the last wilderness areas in the world and contains one of the most pristine ecosystems complete with some of the largest predators on earth. The largest country in the world is perhaps not synonymous with great wildlife watching but we can assure you that by exploring the forested coastal park of Lazovsky Nature Preserve you will discover an untouched and wonderful wilderness complete with some incredible species. Whilst we cannot guarantee sightings of the undisputed king of this realm, the Siberian tiger; we can guarantee you that you will love being in one of their last strongholds and being here there is always the chance of seeing one of these incredible cats in the forest that seems to be at the edge of the world.

Holiday Features

TigerSearch for signs of Siberian Tigers

Stunning Manchurian flora

Expert local guides throughout

Asiatic black bears & Amur Leopard Cats

Boat trip to the pristine Isle of Petrov

Guided walks through Lazovsky NR

Top Animals on Tour

Siberian Tiger


Asiatic Black Bear

Racoon Dog

Long-Tailed Goral

Amur Leopard Cat

Itineraries Details

Destination:  Russia

Tour Dates:  27/8/2019 – 8/9/2019

Duration:  13 nights

Type / Focus:  Russian Mammals

Tour Difficulty:      

Pricing & Costs

Price: £3395 per person

Deposit: £750 per person

Single Supplement: £350

Min. Passengers: 4 persons before tour runs

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Holiday Breakdown

Day 1


On your arrival at the airport you will be met by your zoologist escort and local guide. From here you will be taken to your accommodation, level – 3* hotel to check in and grab some lunch. Vladivostok is a large and mostly industrial city; which for long parts of its history was closed to the outside world. It is by far the largest city in eastern Russia and if time allows you can enjoy some sightseeing around this frontier city; places such as the fortress museum are worth the visit.

Days 2-12

Lazovsky Nature Reserve

After leaving Vladivostok and heading east through the Sikhote-Alyn Mountains you will arrive at your accommodation, level – park cabins & camping; for the next 11 nights. Depending on the recent sightings and where the wildlife seems to be in the reserve we will leave the location of the accommodation until the last minute. Your local guide and zoologist escort will decide on where is best to base ourselves to make the most of the reserve, camping is also an option; specifically if you want to your luck for Siberian tigers. This reserve is one of the most important protected areas in the Sikhote-Alyn Mountains that spread north to south through both Primorsky and Khabarovski Krais. They are mostly Manchurain forest, these species cover around 96% of the reserve and are at their northern most range, one of the reasons why the wildlife is so diverse and important here is that the Manchurain forests give way to the northern Maritime forests that then spread north towards the huge Taiga forest. It is the meeting of these two floras that has given rise to large numbers of mammals and birds as well as hundreds of rare plant species. Another fantastic aspect of this park is the coastal regions, the beaches here are pristine and the warm waters of the Sea of Japan keep the coast a nice temperature during the summer. The mammal life in the reserve is very rich and as well as the amazing Siberian tiger there are two species of bear; (the Asiatic black bear and a rare subspecies of the brown bear) as well as Eurasian lynx and wolves. This high number of diversity of top predators means that there much be a huge number of prey animals and the reserve is full of sika deer, red deer, Siberian roe deer, musk deer and goral. But there are plenty of smaller mammal species here so we will be looking out for Eurasian badgers, sables, red foxes, Eurasian otters, Amur leopard cats, Siberian weasels and the bizarre racoon dogs. To help you find and understand some of these species as well as the abundant birdlife (many migratory species arrive here from the north and south in summer) you will have a small team of guides, including our own big cat specialist zoologist escort as well as an English speaking naturalist guide from Russia and the nature preserve’s own rangers. Watching the way that the guides search the landscape and read the ecosystem you will quickly pick up how to understand the tracks, scraps, scats and other tell tale signs of animal activity. If you wish we can look to set up a hide in a likely place for Siberian tigers, maybe a deer carcass or a scratching tree. We can also set up camera traps and wait to see what arrives in the evenings and night time which is when most of the predators are most active. Despite the protection now, the wildlife here was hunted for decades in the past and so the wildlife here is still very timid around people. During these 11 days you will also take the small boat ride out to the perfectly untouched Island of Petrov just offshore. This small island lies 700m offshore and only 3000 people are permitted to visit each year. Another nice place to spend some time in the reserve is Peschanaya Bay, this is a stunning bay in summer and somewhere that Siberian tigers have been seen to come down to scavenge on what is washed up by the sea. As well as these excursions and the time spent searching for wild animals we will also take you to the great museum run by the reserve. The colourful displays and lots of information about the reserves wildlife is a great introduction to the environment here. You will also have the chance of seeing Sibeirna tigers and other elusive wildlife by visiting the renowned Utyos Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre in Gaivoran, the animals brought here if they are injured or causing a problem to local communities and the centre tries to rehabilitate the animals for reintroduction to the reserve. As well as tigers there are lynx, foxes, Amur leopard cats and other interesting wildlife that you can get close to whilst here.

Day 13


Today you will be transferred from Lazovsky Nature Reserve back to Vladivostok. The rest of the day will be free for you to relax and rest before your last evening meal in the wonderful Russian far east.

Day 14


After breakfast you will be transferred to the airport in time to catch your return flight home.

Please note that the itinerary stated above is correct as our planned intentions for the tour. However adverse weather conditions and other local considerations can necessitate some modifications of the itinerary during the course of the tour; any changes will be made to make the best of the time and weather conditions available to us.

This tour is available on different date (subject to availability) please contact us for more details about running this tour on a date which suits you more.

Extra Information

Weather Conditions

The weather in the Russian Far East in June is usually pretty warm with an average temperature of around 15-20 degrees C. Rain is not uncommon in June and there is a 50/50 chance of rain on any given day.

What’s Included

Everything mentioned in the itinerary is included. Including three meals per day (breakfast, lunch and dinner). There will be an amount of bottled water (approx 1ltr) available for each guest each day. We have our own private vehicle to be driven by a local guide for transfers when needed.

All our excursions including guided walks, vehicle safaris, hide use, camping fees and park entrance fees and museum, rehabilitation fees are also included.

Personal Equipment

We recommend you bring along your own binoculars or spotting scope as well as appropriate clothing; which should be a mix of warm and light clothes, including at least one warm Parker, fleece, woolly hat, pair of gloves, scarf and long trousers, thermal socks and other cold weather gear can be useful during the evenings and nights. A waterproof jacket is also a good idea. Comfortable walking shoes are a must. Insect repellent is very useful. Any medication, books or other items of a personal nature is of course up to you to bring along. Oh and please bring plenty of memory cards or film for your camera. Also do not forget sun cream, sun hat and polarised sun glasses as the sun can be strong here during the day.

Included Equipment

We provide a comprehensive species list of all the vertebrates present in the areas we are visiting as well as some of the best field guides and reference books for the areas we are visiting. There is usually a spare pair of binoculars but in a group of 4-6 people these do not stretch too far. On request we can also bring camera traps to get pictures and videos of the wildlife after dark, we can also bring with us thermal imaging and night vision equipment.

Extra Expenses

Nearly everything is included in this tour. The only things not included are international flights, travel insurance (contact us for more information one what is required from your insurance policy), any food bought outside of the three main meals, drinks outside of any offered with the meals and the bottled water provided each day and any items of a personal nature such as souvenirs and tips. Any applicable departure taxes and not included (but maybe included in the cost of your flights). Please check before departure.

Flight Information

As we are based in Manchester we recommend flights from Manchester International Airport

We recommend KLM as a good airline for flights to Valdivostok. One of the best websites to search for the best fares for these flights is; who are IATA accredited this is a link direct to their site. Please check our terms and conditions regarding booking flights.

Please contact us for more information about flights and we can provide you with a link direct to the flights from another supplier; in which case you only have to enter the passenger information and payment details. By using the above link you will leave our site and we at Royle Safaris hold no responsibility for the content on the site.

Visas and Health Information

All UK passport holders and most other nationalities are required to have a visa for Russia. These are only obtainable in advance from your local embassy. The easiest way to find information is by visiting (be aware that this link leaves our site and we at Royle Safaris hold no responsibility for information on the site). A tourist visa costs around £115 for a single entry visa which is valid for 30 days, however things change so please check out the website above for more information.

There are no mandatory vaccinations needed to visit Russia, but it is recommended to be protected against TB, polio, typhoid, tetanus and hepatitis A. Please consult your GP about your individual requirements for visiting Russia as soon as you have decided on this trip.

Reviews of this Holiday highlight was putting my hand in the paw print of a wild Siberian tiger!

A.L. Thomas, Olso


A.L. Thomas, Olso highlight was putting my hand in the paw print of a wild Siberian tiger!
I thought that the tour was very well organised and the pre-departure information was the most comprehensive I have ever experienced on any tour

Mr. Pedersen, Olso


Mr. Pedersen, Olso

I thought that the tour was very well organised and the pre-departure information was the most comprehensive I have ever experienced on any tour


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August 27
September 8
£750 – £3395
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Vladivostok, Russian Federation + Google Map


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£750 per person
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Minimum Passengers:
4 persons before tour runs

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