After 70 years a lone Gray wolf has been spotted in Arizona. The female wolf was thought to have originated from the northern Rocky Mountains suggesting it has traveled a 450 mile journey to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon National Park.
Michael Robinson from the C for Biological Diversity has said “This wolf’s epic journey through at least three western states fits with what scientific studies have shown, namely that wolves could once again roam widely and that the Grand Canyon is one of the best places left for them.
In 1915 the federal government began culling wolves in the Western United States, and by the early 1920’s most wolves had been exterminated with the last sighting in Arizona being in the 1940’s. In the 1990’s the Gray Wolf was added to the countries endangered species list and 66 wolves were brought to the Rocky Mountains.
Populations have increased due to conservation work and the US Fish and Wildlife Service are now considering a proposal to take the species from the list. Some conservationists have become concerned by this. And are worried that without protection, these Wolves could become persecuted again.

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“It’s heartening this animal has been confirmed as a wolf.” but I am very worried that if wolves are taken off the endangered species list she will be killed and wolf howls from the North Rim’s pine forest will never again echo in the Grand Canyon,” says Robinson.
Earlier in the month the Centre released an analysis identifying 359,000 square miles of additional wolf habitat in the lower States that could help the recovery of wolf populations in the Northeast, West Coast and southern Rocky Mountains.
“There’s so much more room for wolves in the West if only we extend them a bit more tolerance,” Robinson said. “The Grand Canyon wolf is a prime example of what wolves can do if only we let them.”
In the Lower 48 states the largest most visible wolf population is in Yellowstone national park. Royle safaris offer a range of wolf watching tours here. If you would like more information on these wildlife tours you can look at our wolf watching holiday page or contact us.

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