Mountain gorillas very seldom drink water, despite their forest homes being some of the wettest areas in Eastern Africa and water sources being quite abundant, they tend to get all or most of their water from their vegetation diet. This wonderful video (below) was taken on one of our 2012 Ultimate Primate Watching Tour that travels to the major national parks of both Uganda and Rwanda. It shows two sub-adult gorillas playing in a small stream, we watched them as most of the group just walked over and away from the stream before these two gorillas stopped. We thought we would see them drinking (a very rare sight), instead it appears that they are enjoying the stream and splash around with each other. This is one of our best behavioural videos we have taken on our Gorilla Tours and we have many more videos of mountain gorillas as well as other wildlife on our Flickr account. When you participate on a Primate Watching Tour and choose to track mountain gorillas in either Uganda, Rwanda or the Democratic Republic of Congo you get one hour in the presence of the group and during that magical and incredible hour you will be witness to some of the wonderful and intriguing (and often all to familiar) behaviours of the gorillas. his one is just exceptional as gorillas seldom come to water and even rarer due they play with or enter water. To have a chance of seeing gorillas and watch them display unusual and unique behaviours you will have to join a Primate Safari and at Royle Safaris we have a great range of Primate Holidays and are experts in tailoring Primate Tours all over Africa and the rest of the tropical and sub-tropical world.

Gorillas Playing in Water

For more information on our Primate Watching Holidays you can visit our Primate Tour Webpage or Contact Us. Further to this you can also watch the video and visit our Flickr account and see more Gorilla Safari pictures and videos.

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