Despite the seemingly never ending restrictions on travel caused by the covid pandemic, there are a few places around the world which are open for tourism and many places in people’s home countries which are perfect for wildlife watching. Whilst we have seen our enquiries and bookings decrease to around 90-95% our normal levels we at Royle Safaris have been doing our best to send our intrepid clients to parts of the world where wildlife can still be seen.
Late in May 2021 we had a private tailored tour to Yellowstone National Park for our one of our loyal clients. The trip was our first in several months and our first to Yellowstone in 2021.
Within the first couple of days they had enjoyed over 20 wolf sightings and several bear sightings, and with visits to watch the amazing geyser eruptions of Old Faithful the trip was a thorough success.
As far as wildlife goes the sighting continue with around 30-35 wolf sightings including 2 different packs’ with puppies at their dens.

Also a grizzly bear fighting with 4 wolves! Not an everyday enconter as well as a further 2 courting grizzlies with a hopeful suitor in the background. In addition a new pack of wolves feeding on a bison and being chased by bison. A total grizzly bear count of around 20, a few black bears and a nice female American badger and her puppies.

If you would like to visit Yellowstone National Park on one of our wildlife watching holidays you can see some of the trips to Yellowstone that we offer on here or by contacting us.

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