Watch our latest video taken during one of the most magical and awe inspiring Gorilla Tracking experiences in Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park. During one of our Primate Watching Holidays exploring both Uganda and Rwanda’s national parks in search of mountain gorillas, chimpanzees and up to 13 other primate species in 2012 we spent a wonderful hour with the Hirwa gorilla group. Many of the best moments were caught on camera and have been uploaded to our Flickr account which you can view at your leisure. The below video shows a few of the members of the Hirwa gorilla group, panning between some of the gorillas as they begin to rise and awaken we come to the mother of two young twins. Twins are very unusual in gorilla society (only around 1 set of twins in every 1,000 births), and you can make out the young babies on their mother as she rolls on her back and dries herself after the rains. We had been waiting in the middle of the group for around 40 minutes as the rain came down and we the gorillas sat motionless in the bamboo. But as the rain eased off and the sun began to come out the gorillas woke up and started to dry themselves as well as licking the rain off their fur. The video then ends with the very playful young male Urbanga running at us with a piece of bamboo. This young male is constantly trying engage people into interacting with him. Of course it is not allowed to interact with the gorillas, but it is fun watching him as he would run past us, pushing into us sometimes, waving bamboo and other pieces of vegetation towards us all in attempts to get a reaction from us.

Becoming Part of the Gorilla Family

Whilst twins and close up interaction (such as this from Urbanga) are not common on Gorilla Tracking Tours it is certainly a guarantee that coming face to face with wild mountain gorillas in their green world will be one of the greatest wildlife encounters and experiences in your life.

For more information on our Primate Watching Holidays you can visit our Primate Tour Webpage or Contact Us. Further to this you can also watch the video and visit our Flickr account and see more Gorilla Safari pictures and videos.

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