We would usually be posting many pictures of many sightings across the range of wildlife watching holidays, safaris and specialist mammalwatching tours that we run around the world; but with the covid-19 pandemic meaning that travel is down around 95% there is a lack of trips currently.

So we are posting some of the sightings and pictures which our client in Namibia last week got, the latest of which is a nice African Wild Cat sighting which took place on a night drive in Hobatere Private Reserve on the border of Etosha National Park, Namibia. This small cat is one of 9 species of cat found in Africa, it is one of the most abundant and is found throughout all of Africa excluding the Sahara Desert proper and the Congo Rainforest. It is also the species that was famously domesticated by the Egyptians and in deed many domesticated cat breeds can trace their ancestry back to this species.

African Wild Cat – Hobatere Private Reserve, Namibia – Chris Scharf

African Wild Cat – Hobatere Private Reserve, Namibia – Chris Scharf

This individual was watched as it hunted a small rodent (an unidentified mouse species) on the road in front of the vehicle and then walked into the grass to feed. What a great sighting, not a pride of lions hunting a zebra but even so a cool kill.

Enjoy these amazing pictures and if you are interested in a wildlife holiday which is either a general safari or specialist mammal watching trip to Namibia please contact us or visit our Namibia safari page.

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