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Elephant Conservation with WWF

As part of being a trustee for the Francis Wildlife Foundation, Royle Safaris would like to let you know where some of the donations made to the foundation go.

One of the major focuses of the Francis Wildlife Foundation is Elephant conservation throughout the world and in particular Asia.

Below is a brief outline of what WWF are doing and what we help to promote.

WWF is working to conserve Asian elephants by protecting their habitat and improving connections between fragmented areas that they inhabit. WWF also works with the wildlife trade monitoring network to reduce illegal trade in markets for elephant products and to help governments enforce restrictions. They also work to improve the livelihoods of people living alongside elephants through activities that link economic development with elephant conservation.

In the Himalayas and Borneo, WWF together with their partners are restoring biological corridors so that elephants can access their migratory routes without disturbing people’s homes and crops. This reduces conflict between people and elephants, and creates more habitats for elephants.

If you would like more information please to Contact Us and we will send you more information. And if you are interested in participating in one of our responsible Wildlife Tours where you can see Asian Elephants. Asian elephants can be seen in our India Safari Holidays and our Nepal Jungle Safaris.
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