Water Buffalo on Safari in Yala National Park

Sri Lanka is one of the top wildlife watching destinations in the world. Often over looked in favour of the tigers in India, Sri Lanka is a great option for any wildlife watching enthusiast who would like to explore exciting national parks which are not as busy with tourists and Jeeps as some Indian national parks. Yala National Park in south eastern Sri Lanka is one of the best national parks in the world and our Sri Lanka Wildlife Holidays all visit and explore this huge park. The wealth of wildlife in Yala national park is staggering and with the highest concentration of leopards anywhere in the world, sightings are all by guaranteed (we average 3 leopards per Wildlife Holiday of Sri Lanka and the vast majority of these Leopard Sightings are found in Yala national park. But in addition to leopards, our Sri Lanka Safaris also search out Asiatic elephants and water buffalo (two species which are very rare and facing extinction throughout the rest of their range). The below video shows a huge male wild water buffalo.

The major problem facing water buffalo here in Yala National Park is that more and more domesticated water buffalo are entering the park and breeding with the wild buffalo and reducing the wild population. Domesticated buffalo are selected for their willingness to breed and their good temperament, healthy appetite, this means that the wild males will choose to mate with the domesticated females (because they are less aggressive and more receptive), then in turn these females and their offspring quickly out compete the wild water buffalo when it comes to grazing. This is a growing concern in Yala National Park and one that you can see first hand on our Sri Lanka and if you would like any more information then please do not hesitate to Contact Us at info@royle-safaris.co.uk or call on 0845 226 8259 and we will take you through the booking process step by step.

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