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Wolves are one of the most well known and most iconic species in the world yet remain one of the most elusive animals in the world to see. However since their reintroduction into the wilderness of Yellowstone National Park in 1995 they have been seen with more and more regularity. So if you have you ever wanted to stare into the yellow eyes of true wilderness then join our team of Yellowstone experts and wolf researchers and travel the winter wonderlands or wolf v bear battlegrounds of spring and autumn in search of the essence of wilderness; the magnificent wolf. We always see wolves when we have this expert help and we have an enviable record of getting close to wolves, whether they are playing with cubs outside their den or tearing into a fresh elk or bison carcass we will all but guarantee you exceptional views of wolves in one of the world’s most pristine and beautiful ecosystems when you join our Wolf Watching Yellowstone Tour.

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There has never been a species anywhere in the world that has been so intrinsicly¬† linked to humanity for good or bad than Canis lupus the wolf. We have vilified them throughout mythology and nursery rhymes, leading to unjustified mutilation, poisoning, trapping, hunting and mass killings throughout their range. But at the same time human civilisation would have very probably turned out differently if we hadn’t taken the wolf into our villages and then our homes.¬† It is an odd contradiction that some of the wolves worst enemies during the heydays of hunting and persecution were farmers and ranchers who all knew the value of and loved their working dogs. Wolves once ranged further than any other land mammal other than humans, from the UK, Spain and Portugal in the west all the way to Canada and the USA in the east and from the Arctic circle in the north to India, Arabia, Mexico and even north Africa in the south. But with millions killed in the 17th, 18th and 19th Centuries their range has diminished until only a handful of remaining wilderness areas still contained wolf populations.

But the good news is that wolf numbers are increasing throughout most of their range, from increasing numbers in Europe expanding populations west into Germany, France, Belgium and Spain as well as numbers spreading south into more and more of the USA. But even with increasing numbers they remain difficult to find and see, but once again Royle Safari has developed a pioneering and exceptional tour to see wolves. Our Wolf Watching Holiday that delves into Yellowstone National Park is your best chance of seeing wolves in their element. We have a 100% past track record in finding and watching wolves on our Wolf Watching Tours to Yellowstone, we get this fantastic record by combining expert local guides, in fact our Yellowstone wolf guide lectures in Yellowstone Ecology at the University of Montana and his network of friends include some of America’s best known field biologist and some of the world’s best wolf biologists. With their help we are among the first people where wolves are seen and as a result we have exceptional success in spotting and watching wolves at close range.

So if you are interested in wolf watching and would like to participate in are wolf watching holidays of Yellowstone then please click any of the links in the text or Contact Us and we will provide you more information depending on whether you would want to explore Yellowstone in winter (the wolves perfect season) or spring or autumn where they compete heavily with grizzly and black bears for all their hard worked kills. We do not recommend visiting Yellowstone during summer as this is the peak season for holiday makers and the traffic and shear number of people can seriously detract from wolf watching and wildlife watching in Yellowstone in general.

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