Adventurers’ Reviews

Just on example from each holiday is included here, for more reviews of specific tours please see the review section on the itinerary page. These reviews are taken when guests were asked about there holiday and their favourite parts, what to expect for new adventurers and how much fun they had: these are some of the comments we have received:

‘It pretty hard to pick out the best moment of the trip, as we had great and different types experiences throughout. The southern right whales, white sharks in Mossel Bay, and the elephants of Addo were phenomenal. The guides were great and have been doing this for a long time so know everything. They are super laid back, funny, and very knowledgeable on any optional activities, local restaurants, and anything wildlife related.’Jim & Clare, South Yorkshire – Garden Route
‘I loved all of it, it was one of the most amazing experiences I’ve had and I’ve been to a fair few countries. Bangladesh is the kind of place you fall in love with. We ventured into such different landscapes whilst enjoying the wildlife, all of which was amazing to see, the gibbons swinging, the deer and monkeys feeding together, all of it great. If you are thinking of joining this tour then I suggest you bring plenty of sweets and maybe some playing cards. Wet wipes or hand gel is a must and make sure you enjoy the trip and don’t spend too much time seeing it through the lens of your camera!’ M. Rowe, Kent – King of the Swingers

‘There were so many high points on this holiday it’s hard to pick out just one; the wildlife was spectacular-many different and new species as well as the usual lions etc (LOADS of lions!). The camp restaurants, cars and cabins were really comfortable and pleasant. The morning walks, got us closer to some animals that I have ever need before and the game drives were absolutely fascinating and we all felt very privileged to see some of the animals we managed to find – servals and caracals!’

Jenny Peters, Cornwall – Kruger’s Big 5

‘Where do I start, there was so much, it was just incredible. There was an abundance of wildlife to see and we got really close to many of the animals. I went to India hoping to see elephants and tigers in particular and I saw lots of them (well two tigers, which is fantastic), plus dhole, leopards, lion-tailed macaques, jackals, langurs, crocodiles, sloth bears (although from a long way away) and so many beautiful birds that I lost count. We had a leopard visit the accommodation grounds one night and the feeling of lying in your bed and knowing there are predators outside is something I will never forget, both terrifying and exciting all at once. We saw a pack of dhole with there cubs. I took hundreds of photos but the most amazing things were the smells and the sounds – unfortunately that doesn’t come over in a photo. We were looked after really well by the guys, we christened them the “D Team” (as we saw a record number of Dhole). They worked so hard making sure the transfers were good, food was exceptional and making sure everything went swimmingly well – we had a 3 course meal every night! Much better than I was expecting and the accommodation was also much nicer than I thought for rural southern India. I highly recommend this tour!’

The Cookes, Staffordshire – South India’s Forests

‘I have been to Australia many times before and never have I seen or understood the wildlife like on this trip! The number of places we visited was brilliant and we must have covered a vast amount of Western Australia. My highlight would have to be the whale shark. We actually snorkelled with four different ones, the largest at about 6m long. It must be absolutely incredible to see one of the 15m ones they sometimes get. The transport was great considering the long distances covered and our driver was more than happy to stop whenever anyone asked. It will open any ones eyes to the wildlife of Australia which can be easy to overlook (like I have on my previous holidays there).’

Paul Bury, Cheshire – Wild Western Coast

‘The whole trip was amazing. Everything from Panna National Park to Kanha. The service at the accommodation is first rate, right down to the coffee  and wake up call in the early mornings. I think seeing a group of 4 tigers was the most memorable part of the trip, but it’s hard to pick out just one. Before hand the trip notes are very clear on what to bring. If you can, I would get a Indian visa as soon as you can, as they can take a while to get. Once your there the only thing i will say is the roads are very, very bumpy…if you can call them roads. But it adds to the experience…just don’t sit in the back row of the van for the long journeys to and from the parks, but get involved and see what you can see of the country as you drive through.’

Eileen and Barry Simpson, Cheshire – Tiger Safaris At Their Very Best

‘I highly recommend this holiday and especially the two days spent cruising the Moray and in my opinion, it was worth the money. We saw lots of whales and the crew was great. Bring a sweatshirt and wear pants and sneakers, it can get windy and chilly out there. The rest of the holiday was also great, lots of birds including three ospreys and even a cute pine marten. But for me the whales and dolphins are the top draw here!’

Miss L. Kaye, San Antonio, TX – A Minke Adventure

‘Our trip to south Nepal and Chitwan was magical. My wife and I were 50% of the total guests in the group at the time, so we had exceptional service at the lodge and on the safaris. The mahout made a special effort to ensure we saw plenty of wildlife, and although we never saw the tiger we did see lots of other animals, including four rhinos, one leopard and plenty of birds. Royle Safaris provided a great service throughout and we will definitely use them again. Hopefully with more luck and some tigers next time!’

M. Johnstone, Bristol – Wild Nepal

‘During the week we had 5 tiger sightings – one was just a tail swishing back and forth as a tiger sat on a kill and would not come out into view. Two others were half an hour or more, one with the tiger padding along just 20 metres behind the jeep (getting stalked almost); and perhaps the most exciting was an evening sighting as we headed out of the park: the guide sighted fresh pug marks just off the road and we set off in pursuit. Stopping, to hear the langur monkeys making their ‘tiger beware’ call and the loud barking of sambar deer ahead. Rounding the next corner we just saw a tiger vanishing into the bushes of the hillside. Speeding up we hoped to intercept on the other side of the hill and as we sat waiting we heard yet more warning calls, and eventually found a tiger sat deep in the undergrowth. It was a female – we sat and waited and were rewarded with her leaving the bush making haste down the track ahead of us – AMAZING! Apart from tigers, we saw many many deer – spotted, sambar, barking, wild boar, golden jackal, mongoose, Indian hare and one jungle cat. My bird count was over 150 species! A very good Indian experience and one I would do again, even if the belly has not recovered fully!’

Mr & Mrs. Gilligan, Dublin – Tigers & Temples

‘As soon as I decided on booking the Sri Lanka safari and whale watching holiday I was excited about seeing blue whales. Perhaps most wildlife enthusiasts would conjure up images of elephants, leopards or a cornucopia of exotic birds. But I have spent the last twenty years or so nurturing a passion for whales all over the world, and although I have clocked up thousands of hours on the water, Blue whales had eluded me. Whilst the 9 leopards we saw (including a hunt) and the herd of 14 elephants were amazing and will live long in the memory the three glimpses of blue whales we got off Mirissa were incredible! Well worth the trip and well worth the 20 year wait!’

Duncan Hughes, Guildford – Spotty Cats & Blue Whales

‘Totally brilliant experience  the whale watching in Mull was great, plenty of minke whales and even three orcas. We also had a great time in the evenings with hearty food and warm cosy fires in the guesthouses. In the Cairngorms the hide was warm and cosy- the guide was really informative, and we were thrilled to get so close to the animals. We did not see pine martins- but that’s the thrill of wildlife viewing- the animals do not appear to order. We saw deer, wood mice, a tawny owl and several badgers. The whole trip was great and we would happily go again.’

Mr. Crawley, London – A Scottish Exploration

‘Just a short note to report back on our first safari in India. Firstly we would like to complement the tour operator on their efficiency in organising our trip and in the prompt way in which they dealt with our queries. The transportation to Kanha was quick and relatively pleasant (considering the state of some of the roads and the constant horn beeping of Indian drivers). The visit to Kanha was excellent having seen a tigress and her two cubs shortly before the end of our last visit to the reserve. We felt that we were being given special treatment by the staff at the reserve and joining safaris. We realised that it was going to be difficult seeing tigers because of the rain but the last ride made up for everything. Friends of ours were at another reserve a week earlier and it appeared that whilst they saw more tigers their experience was much more laid on for tourists. Well done.’

Mr & Mrs Whitehead, Holywell – India’s Top Predators

‘Probably the most intense experience was watching a lioness stalk a wildebeest, bring it down, and then the rest of the pride – 5 other lions – jumped in on the kill. We heard about them (Royle Safaris) through a travel guide website (I think They (Royle Safaris) are an amazing safari company. Martin, the owner, was extremely helpful and meticulous in responding to our desire for an in-depth and partially walking safari. We discussed many possibilities with him and he was never impatient as we refined our plans. Our guide/driver Henry was absolutely superb – indefatigable as both guide and driver – and extremely knowledgeable about birds as well as animals. We highly recommend them. Our accommodation on our first night after we arrived was at the Nairobi – very pleasant. We then went on to our accommodation on safari and the whole experience was great. Every lodge and camp we visited where very elegant. Often the views at sunset were beautiful and inspiring. The breakfasts in all places could be made to order – e.g. eggs – and was also buffet. Plenty of cereal, breads, wonderful fresh fruit. Lunch was often buffet style, and there was always a vegetarian option. Both lunch and dinner are on the order of the “colonial” habits – very fulsome and many courses (excellent!). As fro the Wildlife, we saw EVERYTHING! The most beautiful experience was seeing 3 lions up in a tree.’

Laurie, Newark, NY – Lesser Known Kenya

‘We mainly choose this holiday for the Great Barrier Reef and the whale watching (which was our highlight), but I have to mention the tree kangaroos and crocodiles where also incredible and really added to the whole experience. But it was the GBR which we loved the most, after boarding the boat and a cup of tea at 8am, the group set out to sea and into the reef. There they snorkelled for about an hour. It was tough to keep clear of the coral sometimes, because of the current, but it made us hungry for the scrumptious buffet lunch which was supplied. Later we sailed over to Green Island for a quick look around. They saw lots of colourful fish as well as a stingray at close range and a guitarfish, the latter of which scared them out of the water at first, but our private guide explained it was harmless. But the highlight came on day two when we saw three hawksbill turtles and two black-tip reef sharks. The whale watching was also superb and we saw lots of humpbacks and three young calves. The trip was well worth the long flight and we want to try a different part of Australia next time – maybe the west coast.’

Mrs. P. Dougals & Miss. J. Spears, London – Reefs & Rainforests

‘I have far too many indelible memories of snorkelling, frigate birds, sea-lions, blue-footed boobies, turtles, sharks, hoatzin, coati, squirrel monkeys, exotic butterflies, condors, giant otters, lava tubes, not to mention the Ecuadorian culture and interesting mix of fellow travellers, to pick any one out. The only tip I would give anyone thinking of going on this trip is…Just go for it, all of it!’

James Mellor, Bristol – Galapagos & Much More

‘Watching the bears was the definite highlight but we also enjoyed the company of the other tour members and our expert guide was excellent as was the accommodation and food. I would recommend that anyone thinking of booking this tour is best to bring plenty of clothing both warm and waterproof. It would be good to know we had not adversely affected the bears, by encouraging them to come to a feeding place for visitors close to the hunting season, this is something that is of great concern. But at the same time they have been doing this for so many years and the population of bears is stable if not slightly increasing.’

Caroline Burns, Stone- A Week In The Wild

‘The one thing that struck me most about this holiday was that everything was taken care of. There was not one occasion during the entire trip where I felt anything could go wrong, or that something had been forgotten. From when we were met at the airport to being dropped off again at the end, I didn’t worry about anything. And the pre-departure pack, and the support from Kate Ainsworth in answering my questions and helping me to tailor my travel plans, was excellent. The skills of our tour leaders and of our dedicated drivers meant we had as good a chance as you can possibly get to see wild animals. We saw 6 different tigers, and the rest of the time was spent enjoying the reserve and seeing a wide variety of species. On the final day our guides and driver worked their magic and managed to get us first in the queue for the elephant safaris, so we had fabulous close-up views of a resting male tiger. Later in the day we were perfectly positioned when two tigers crossed a field right in front of us. Our tour leaders were patient, so polite and considerate. I’m sure we wouldn’t have minded being told to be quiet, or to adjust our behaviour, to make it easier for the guides. Sometimes we got carried away chatting and laughing; as a first-timer to group travel I couldn’t have been with a nicer set of people. It was all great fun. Obvious care had been taken to ensure that, as a single female traveller, I felt secure in terms of accommodation and company. Overall, I had an wonderful trip, and would thoroughly recommend Bandhavgarh and Royle Safaris. Thank you.’

Leanne, Winchester- Just Tigers (Budget Tour)

‘An excellent trip – l will never forget the Giant Eagle Owl flying over the Namaqua sandgrouse at sunrise in Erosha. Alta (our guide) also took a lot of trouble to get people on the birds, and the Damara terns nesting site visit was inspired – a real high note to end on.’

Vikrash Prabhakar, Edinburgh- Best of Namibia

‘We took the three week in Kenya and Tanzania – to the Masai Mara, Lake Nakuru, Amboseli, Ngorogoro, Serengeti and the South Rift Valley with Royle Safaris. From the beginning to end, the company was professional and easy to work with. We were concerned about wiring our deposit, but everything went smoothly with that. We had a private safari van and that is the way to go…the large group tours didn’t look as enjoyable. Jimmy was our driver and we enjoyed our time with him very much. He was knowledgeable and got us very close to the animals…and we saw a LOT! We expected to be staying in lower-end lodges and camps, as the price was very reasonable. We were surprised when we arrived at each lodge (they were as luxurious as I have been in before), we LOVED them all and were thoroughly impressed with the food and staff. Next time I would like to include Uganda and perhaps a gorilla trek. The trip was overall restful and exciting and we loved East Africa!’

Jenn & Rob Fogarty, Alderly Edge – East African Exploration

‘This was our third holiday in South Africa and our fifth safari experience in Africa, but it was the differences from the normal safari experiences that made it so memorable. Simonstown was a most beautiful and peaceful place to stay and yet there was still lots happening to become involved in. Martin was a great tour leader who made us feel more like friends than visitors. Martin was very knowledgeable and great fun, and combing sharks, whales and safaris was a first!. We have never met anyone with so much knowledge; not just about wildlife, but geology, soil, flora etc. We spent 3 days at Namib Desert National Park bush camp where the the facilities where much much better than we expected. It was totally relaxing and real fun. In fact laughter was a thread running through the whole holiday. Probably the single most memorable part of the holiday must be when were back in Cape Town and went for your last meal together. That was the most perfect way to end the holiday and we look forward to going back.’

The Brennans, Washington D.C, – Western Cape

‘Just go!! Go with an open mind and forget all the scare stories around the food, poverty, beggars etc. We had a relaxing week; felt no pressure and whilst there is poverty there is also friendship and helpfulness from all walks of life. We had no stomach issues at all! But a love of curry is a must! Language was not at any point an issue as most locals are fluent in English and the guides and resort staff are all excellent English speakers. There were no disappointments – only surprise was road quality – not really roads in some places! But even this added to the experience and it is not a real problem and everyone was so friendly and helpful it more than made up for a sore bum! The most useful item in my luggage was a fleece – it can be very cold in the mornings! And of course my camera! Overall I give it a rating of 10 out of 10. As both a wildlife and cultural experience India is a must! Perhaps not the huge numbers of game seem in East & Southern Africa but that makes the hard work all the more rewarding.’

Sam Rohan, Kent, – Red Dogs & Stripy Cats (Budget Tours)

‘The thought of seeing Tasmanian devils on their own turf was the major reason for coming on this tour and although it came on the second to last night in Tasmania we were not disappointed. In the end we actually saw five devils, including one at our accommodation feeding on the outdoor BBQ areas! Amazing! The rest of the wildlife was great too, plenty of kangaroos, wallabies, pademelons, possums, koalas, platypuses, whales, dolphins and seals not to mention the birds of which the ridiculously cute penguins were the highlight. The accommodations were very pleasant and offered very nice food. The overall tour was extremely good value for money, when you saw as many Australian animals as we did! I would recommend this tour to anyone who wants to get off the beaten track in Australia.’

Mr Metcalf, Cheshire, – Devils & Roos

‘Tracking wolves and finding some of the largest mammals in Europe was so exciting! The accommodation was basic, but more than good enough and it is the wildlife and amazing forests which make this trip and not the accommodation anyway. The local guides were so helpful and knowledgeable, they were the reason we managed to get some glimpses of the wolves in the end. Thoroughly good time and the tour is well recommended to anyone who wants a wild experience in Europe.’

Simon & Molly Davies, Co. Durham, – Back to Ancient Europe

‘We spend our honeymoon on the 10 day Botswana safari. All very well organized by Kate, a safari expert at Royle Safaris. We essentially got our perfect trip from this very knowledgeable travel agent to three different, beautiful and amazing lodges within Botswana (Chobe, Moremi and Okovango). All food, transfers and personal assistance were very well organized. Fantastic wildlife to see. We could really relax and enjoy while we were taken from one place to the other and ‘seduced’ by the amazing nature and game. Very recommendable trip and agency!’

Tamas and Sylvine, Sweden, – Best of Botswana

‘We visited Pennisula Valdes the end of March. Our tour was amazing! Although this is not a peak time to see most of the wildlife (orcas aside), we were very fortunate. We had a wonderful English- speaking tour guide, Gaston who was extremely friendly and knowledgeable about the area and the wildlife. He was willing to stop the car when we wanted to take pictures of the roaming wildlife along the dirt roads. We were able to walk among the Magellanic Penguins and view sea lions from a distance of about 100 yards. Very few elephant seals were still on shore because of the time of the year, but we did see a few groups of them basking on the shore. The highlight was observing the orcas that were “beaching”. I think our visit was such a success because we were staying in the private ranch where the orcas hunt and the owners hared so much information about the area and the wildlife with us. The transfers to and from Buenos Aires and south Patagonia were made very simple and straightforward. The glaciers were also incredible but it is the orca which would have to be my highlight. We feel very fortunate to have had such a wonderful experience!’

The Baird’s, London, – All About the Orca (Exclusive Tour)

‘Climbing up to the Tiger’s Nest on our last full day in Bhutan was pretty great – but I think my highlight has to be seeing the rare black-necked cranes – and having the leisure to go photograph them and spend as much time with them as we liked, thanks to our wonderful guide. Anyone thinking of coming to Bhutan should spend at least one week here – you need time to get familiar with the way things work & to get to know the wonderful people well. Oh and don’t be afraid of butter tea! It’s quite delicious…once you get used to it! I was very glad to see how well-treated and respected our guide and driver were to the local people and environment. There is a real feeling of community spirit here, like a small village but throughout the country. Its a breath of fresh air from what we are used to London.’

The Johnson Family, Camden, – Bhutan Birding Adventure

‘We saw pink dolphins, monkeys, caimans, tarantulas, otters, an anaconda and amazing birds. The highlight was visiting an indigenous village and meeting with the amazing people who live there. Our guide was knowledgeable and friendly this was an amazing experience, despite not seeing any bears with our eyes, our zoologist escort did catch one on the camera traps, well we will just have to come back and try our luck again.’

David Fox, Oxfordshire, – Ecudaor’s Biodiversity Hotspots

‘I visited Churchill Manitoba for the second time last year, and this time I went snorkelling with dozens of beluga whales around me. As soon as we were in the water we were surrounded by whale chatter; a chirping that sounded like birds and pinging that sounded like some submarine sonar. And we felt a strange vibration that went right through us (that was quite strange actually).The next day we went for a drive, and found a mama bear with 2 cubs which was incredible at this time of year. All in all the trip was great and very enjoyable.’

Mary McBride, Chester, – White Whales & White Bears

‘Having visited Punta Norte twice previously, I finally managed to see hunting orca! My experience with Royle Safaris was outstanding. The company were great and the guide was fantastic with an immense knowledge of local history, culture, flora and fauna. The weather was fantastic, the accommodation and transport really comfortable and finally the orca……We saw 8 of the pod which hunt here, porpoise, seal lions, elephant seals, dolphins, penguins and many many birds. I was really impressed by the respect the whales are shown by the tour operators and local people alike. Great value for money, I think I will save up and to the exclusive tour next time to get closer to the orca.’

J.B. Poulter, Lancashire, – All About the Orcas (Budget Tour)

‘Having just returned from a flying safari of Botswana we would like to record our gratitude and appreciation to both Martin and Gavin for the huge part they played in giving us such a wonderful and unforgettable experience. Their organisation was excellent and their knowledge and enthusiasm were exceeded only by their friendly and co-operative attitude and attention to detail. Our guides were so knowledgeable about the flora to the birds and mammals that no stone was left unturned. Apart from making the trip so informative, interesting and enjoyable it has introduced us to new friends and a new safari destination in Africa. Many thanks to both of you.’

John Henry & Margaret Clements, Reading, – Flying Luxury Botswana

‘If you’re looking into going shark diving in South Africa you don’t have to look any further than this tour. We ultimately chose The Shark Bonanza because of their itinerary is incredible and their (Royle Safaris) reputation is excellent. We drove and flew to between locations with ease, and upon arrival we were warmly greeted and given a full briefing on the area and the dives. Cage diving was unbelievable and they videotaped the entire experience. All of the staff were friendly and constantly talking with the visitors, asking questions and telling stories. The sharks were all amazing, we saw 11 different species including a huge 5m tiger shark. If you are interested in sharks and would like to have a chance to dive with some of the ‘normal’ (great whites and whale sharks) species as well as some very special ones (blunt-nose sevengill sharks and tiger sharks) then this tour is for you. The amount of dives done on this tour and the skill of the dive boat operators makes this tour just about the best around.’

A. Jones, Cardiff, – South Africa Shark Bonanza

‘It was all was thoroughly memorable, but probably the Namib and Etosha were both superb. My only advice will be prepared for rough roads Be prepared to be jolted around at times! The price charged was very competitive and looking back, for what we got I thought it was excellent value. I think its therefore better booking in the UK with an experienced company like this which knows it has all aspects covered.’

Mr & Mrs. Maynor, Yorkshire, – Namibia in Luxury

‘As I was born in Australia, I learned nothing about our wildlife, other than kangaroos and koalas, when I was at school. All my adult life I have felt that I should better understand the Australian wildlife and natural history. Living in the UK now travelling back home can be expensive so I thought about arranging my own tour when back there; but this tour sounded too good to be true. The amount of time we spent on trips watching animals during this tour was the main reason we decided upon it. I now feel that I have started to have a glimmer of understanding and insight into Australian animals. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us so generously. Understanding my own countries environment better is important to me, and you have made a big contribution. It has also helped me to better understand the impact of human settlement.’

Paul Davies, London, – Extreme Territory

‘We have a great time watching the dolphins as well as going on our first safaris was incredible. I have never done this kind of holiday before but I am pretty sure I will be doing more from now on! I think the single biggest highlight was finding four huge bull elephants in the desert. They made a beautiful picture against the sand dunes.’

Mrs. Turner, Edinburgh, – Deserts & Dolphins

‘I am a birder of great experience and have travelled to over 50 countries in search of the ultimate birding holiday. Whilst not the most luxurious country in the world; Kazakhstan does have an a great birding heritage. We saw 416 species of which 302 were new species for my list. We had the invaluable help of local birders and explored some fantastic locations only local birders would know. I whole heartily recommend this tour for any birder; the basic accommodation and industrial clad cities are not even a dampener on the experience.’

Mr. E. Vickers, Morecambe, – Kazakhstan Birding

‘Watching a family of gorillas eat and play only a few meters away. And walking in the dense rainforest and seeing black shapes run around in front of us as we stumbled across a troop of chimps. Both these are highlights, I cant pick out which one is better. I loved the holiday and everything was perfect, hotels, transfers, food, guides, everything! Great!’

Cheryl McDougall & Max Porter, Stafford, – The Ultimate Primate Adventure

‘Great for a break, only a couple of hours away from my house, but a million miles away from my everyday life. I love that there are places in England that are still pleasant and ‘fun’ to go to. We only saw one basking shark, but that shark did spend about 45 minutes around our boat at the surface. My friend saw a wallaby (I missed it) but all together it was a great, friendly time and one I was recommend.’

Ms. R. Henly, Flint, – Best of British Wildlife

‘I would say the my top holiday moment would be standing in the shadow of Mt. Everest. I know this will sound silly but it is just enormous! The birdlife is a little sparse but that is to be expected and we still saw plenty of birds and even a glimpse of a Tibetan fox. I think for me the tour was more about the Tibetan people and culture than the bird anyway.’

The Wollen family, Sussex, – Birding on the Roof of the World

‘Camera traps and the spotlighting where great ideas…Excellent Indian food and great non-Indian choices for those who prefer…despite not seeing a snow leopard the overall tour was great and Martin was very helpful’

Justen & Zoe, Toronto, Canada, – Kingdom of the Snow Leopard

‘We saw the big 5 an unbelievable amount of times. We saw lions, some right by the side of the road and seemingly oblivious to our vehicle and not one, but four leopards and three cheetahs. Beautiful. For animal lovers, it’s a paradise.’

‘Rob, Miranda, Kelly & Josh, Sydney, – Tanzania at its Best

It is a bit difficult to isolate one part as each bit was interesting. This is my first trip with this operator. We were a group of 7 and there was space to be alone or be together. Seeing the bears was absolutely breathtaking in the short 3 hours between sunset and sun rise. Walking through the forests where very few people go is amazing. Our guide was brilliant, answering all our questions and asking us some too.’

Mr & Mrs. R. Merson, Cornwall, – Ultimate Bear Adventure

‘Viewing the (many) grizzly bears in their natural environment was thrilling, especially the mothers and cubs! Take many layers of clothes as it can be cold in the viewing platforms but warm other times. You will need plenty of insect repellent, so don’t forgot it! The only thing I say to anyone wanting to go on this holiday is…be prepared to be amazed!’

Sue McCormack, Leeds, – Grizzlies & Orcas of the Raincoast

‘Walking amongst the steaming geysers, watching Russian bears feed on roaring salmon rivers, climbing pristine volcanic mountains and being surrounded by rolling tundra one can find a lifetime of adventure, culture and beauty in Kamchatka. Home to a number of indigenous tribes who use reindeer for everything, Kamchatka is one of the last remaining unwesternized places in the world. It can be very difficult and expensive to get there, but this organization offer great packages. I’m an American college student and travelled there with my family when I was in high school. We visited with the Geyser Valley, lots of volcnaoes and visited three massive bird colonies. I hope to return someday. Please don’t pollute Kamchatka with Western ideologies. It doesn’t need to be turned into a crowded national park.’

Jordan, Michigan, – Fishing Bears & Smokey Volcanoes

‘I have always dreamed of seeing huge anacondas and this tour fulfilled that dream. The local guides were so good and helpful and the accommodation was wonderfully located in the heart of los Llanos. I enjoyed the whole trip and fully recommend it to anyone.

Mr. M. Watson, Dublin, – Anacondas of the Los Llanos

The most memorable part was definitely the snow-shoe walking and tracking the wolf packs on foot. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do, and to do it in a beautiful unspoilt spot with guides who were excellent, was a dream come true. Also, where we stayed was great with home-cooked meals every night and a roaring fires, which was very welcome after a long hard day outdoors. Be very prepared for the cold and seeing lots of wolves!’

Steve & Jane Summers, London, – Winter Wolves of Yellowstone

‘Beautiful country with lots things to see and lots of birding destinations. Fantastic endemics and some real goodies. The tour is comprehensive and covers most of the main birding places. I have been to many South American countries so I knew a few of the species and the guides were excellent as I did not catch them out; and I like to catch the guides out sometimes! The only concern were some of the transfers were long, on bumpy roads but this is the price you pay for visiting countries like Venezuela.’

John Smyth, Gloucestershire, – Venezuela Birding

‘We aimed to get great photographs of jaguars and we were not disappointed. It is also the best place we have ever been for bird photography. The kingfishers and herons were exceptional for photography. We want to come back to Brazil to try and see more of it next year.’

Derek & Susan Francis, Malvern, – Just Jaguars