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At Royle Safaris we are always looking for ways to reduce the costs of our wildlife holidays, wildlife tours and safaris and below is a list of our reduced tours which are heading out soon. So be quick and get one on of these tours as they will get booked up pretty quickly!

All these cheap safari tours are run exactly the same way as they usually are, we skimp on nothing when we reduce the cost of our holidays, so you can be assured of the same amount of activities and trips into national park etc, the same zoologist escort, same local guides and accommodation and food! In fact the only thing which changes is the price and we are sure you will agree that the new prices are pretty good!

Budget Tours


Russian Wildlife Tour (Just Mammals)

The Russian Far East is one of the last wilderness areas in the world and contains one of the most pristine ecosystems complete with some of the largest predators on earth. The...

Tour Departs: August 27, 2015


13 Nights from


Russia biggame 3



Ultimate Primate Tour

Ever wanted to walk in the footsteps of great primatologists Dian Fossey or Jane Goodall? Well on this tour you will experience some truly unforgettable moments. Tracking mountain gorillas and sitting with...

Tour Departs: September 14, 2015


10 Nights from


Uganda primate 4



Chambal Birding Holiday

India is home to an impressive 1300 plus species of birds and is one of the top bird watching destinations in the world. But even in this huge country full of great...

Tour Departs: January 14, 2016


10 Nights from


India bird 1



Yellowstone Winter Wildlife Tour

Yellowstone is one of the most iconic wildlife destinations in the entire world. With around three quarters of all the worlds geothermal features inside the park and a wealth of wildlife that...

Tour Departs: February 2, 2016


9 Nights from


USA dogs 3



Sri Lanka Exploration

Over the last few years Sri Lanka has come to the fore front as the premier destination to see the largest animal to have ever lived. The blue whale is seen more...

Tour Departs: March 3, 2016


10 Nights from


Sri Lanka whale 3



The Kingdom of the Snow Leopard

Most people who spend there entire life in the realm of the snow leopard never see one. But if you join our trek into the Kingdom of the Snow Leopard you will...

Tour Departs: March 5, 2016


16 Nights from


India cat 5



Siberian Tiger & Amur Leopard Tour

Hidden away in the temperate forests of the incredible Russian Far East are two of the worlds rarest and most elusive animals in the whole world. The Siberian tiger is the largest...

Tour Departs: March 11, 2016


13 Nights from


Russia cat 4



Venezuela Birding

Venezuela is the jewel in the crown of northern South America in terms of wildlife and especially birds. With hundreds of species and some great rarities this tour explores all the best...

Tour Departs: March 13, 2016


12 Nights from


Venezuela bird 2



Blue Whale Extravaganza

Sri Lanka is one of the top whale and dolphin watching destinations on the planet, and this is a reasonably well kept secret. This means that instead of 50 boats and hundreds...

Tour Departs: March 16, 2016


7 Nights from


Sri Lanka whale 1



Lesser Known Kenya

Ever wanted to see the grazing herds and predators of the Maasai Mara and get to know how the famous Maasai live alongside the wildlife of Kenya? Ever wanted to wake up...

Tour Departs: March 18, 2016


10 Nights from


Kenya biggame 2



All About the Orca (Budget Tour)

Home to a vast array of wildlife and some of the most stunning scenery in the world; Argentina is a favourite destination for all wildlife lovers. This trip centres around the amazing...

Tour Departs: March 27, 2016


8 Nights from


Argentina whale 1



Sunderbans Tiger Cruise

The Sunderbans are one of the last truly wild places in the world, so dense and inhospitable to humans they have been largely left alone and now harbour the worlds largest continuous...

Tour Departs: March 28, 2016


7 Nights from


Bangladesh tiger 3



Bhutan Birding Adventure

Travel to one of the least visited countries in the planet; Bhutan, and enjoy some of the finest birding in all of the Himalayas. The pristine environments we travel to in Bhutan...

Tour Departs: April 22, 2016


12 Nights from


Bhutan bird 4



Wild Nepal (Budget Chitwan Safari)

Get close to one-horned rhinos on elephant back, find gharials from a log canoe and hopefully spot a tiger from the safety of a jeep. This tour has it all! We explore...

Tour Departs: May 1, 2016


10 Nights from


Nepal tiger 3



Just Wolverines Tour

With long hours of daylight, custom built mammal watching hides and forests which harbour the largest populations of large mammals in Europe; Finland is the ultimate short wildlife watching holiday destination. This...

Tour Departs: May 2, 2016


4 Nights from


Finland biggame 1



Best of Scotland Wildlife Tour

Did you know that the British Isles has recorded 24 out of the 26 European cetacean (whale and dolphin) species!? Well come along on this trip and we will do our best...

Tour Departs: June 21, 2016


8 Nights from


Scotland whale 2



A Week in the Wild

Finland is one of the last wild places in Europe and this week tour of its forests will showcase you the wildlife that used to share our British woodlands not too long...

Tour Departs: June 22, 2016


6 Nights from


Finland bear 1



Trans-Himalayan Mammals & Birds

Few places look as barren and inhospitable than the Trans-Himalayan highlands. Rolling plains mostly made up of rock and a few hardy grasses and steep rocky mountains and outcrops do not seem...

Tour Departs: July 13, 2016


13 Nights from


India biggame 4



Fishing Bears & Smokey Volcanoes

This special trip is devoted to observing the huge Kamchatka brown bears in natural habitat. Travelling to locations like Kurilskoye Lake in time for the annual salmon spawning will coincide with large...

Tour Departs: July 18, 2016


9 Nights from


Russia bear 4



The Ultimate Spanish Wildlife Tour

Spain is Europes second largest country and a well known holiday destination, but forget the sun, sea and sangria that lures most people to this diverse and wonderful country. Instead think of...

Tour Departs: July 24, 2016


17 Nights from


Spain biggame 2



Plateau Mammal Paradise

Travelling to the high altitude Tibetan Plateau is a trip of a lifetime and the wildlife encounters people can have here are truly exceptional. This trip will take in the culture and...

Tour Departs: July 25, 2016


19 Nights from


Tibet biggame 5



Galapagos and Much More

Ecuador is one of the best wildlife destinations in the world and not just because of the stunning Galapagos Islands. This tour aims to show you that there is more to this...

Tour Departs: September 1, 2016


15 Nights from


Ecuador bear 3



Siberian Tiger Winter Tour

In the 1940s the worlds largest species of cat was in a very perilous position and numbered les than 50 in the wild. However since then the populations of Siberian tigers in...

Tour Departs: February 20, 2017


13 Nights from


Russia tiger 5


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