New Red Panda Tours, Clouded Leopard Tours, Japan Wildlife Photography Tours & More

Royle Safaris are proud to announce that we are in the process of starting many new tours and itineraries ready for 2013 and onwards. We specialise in pioneering tours all over the world and are experts in finding and observing elusive and rare wildlife (especially mammals). We have successfully run numerous specialist wildlife holidays, tours, safaris and treks to track and find snow leopards, wolverines, sloth bears, maned wolf, jaguars, harpy eagles, western hoolock gibbons and many more species. But we are now set to launch pioneering tours to search out red pandas (with the help of the Red Panda Network), we also have promising locations planned for clouded leopards. We are also set to launch a specialised photography tour of Japan in winter for the dancing cranes, snow monkeys, Steller’s sea eagle and other wonderful wildlife in Japan’s winter wonderland. We are also working on itineraries to find Asiatic black bears, Tibetan antelopes, Pallas cats, wild dogs, spectacled bears, pumas, Iberian lynx, Eurasian lynx and many more endangered, rare and elusive mammals. What sets Royle Safaris aside from the other wildlife watching and holiday companies is that we are grounded in zoology and research. We are not influenced by large hotel chains, commercial airliners and we are not driven by profit. Instead we conduct our tours to find the hardest to see wildlife in the world and we do it in a sustainable and ecologically responsible way. We donate to ground level research and conservation projects for every guest we take into the field. Our guides are all scientists, researchers or project volunteers who are doing the great work needed to ensure the survival of the species.

If you are interested in finding out any information about any of these new tours or if you have a species you have always wanted to see, please contact us today and we will send you more information, or for more information on our red panda tour and clouded leopard tours of Nepal then please just use this links.

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