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Looking for a a last minute holiday? Wanting to see if you can get away sometime soon? At Royle Safaris we always have a selection of wildlife holidays, wildlife tours and safaris heading out throughout the year. Below is a list of our scheduled tours heading out within the next 90 days, which still have spaces available on them. If any of these tours take your fancy put the dates do not suit, then do not hesitate to contact us as any of our tours can be arranged for other dates and for private group tours or even solo guided holidays.

So why not have a look and see if we can take you on your perfect last minute wildlife holidays, wildlife tours and last minute safari. If you do find a tour your interested in then contact us and see about booking your place on the holiday. As some of the late tours require visas and vaccinations which may take a few weeks to get you do not want to leave booking a tour too late. Plus the earlier you book onto a tour the more we can be assured of getting the best vehicles to explore the national parks in countries like India Safaris where the tiger safaris can be booked up far in advance.

Leaving within 3 Months


Gujurat Desert Mammal Tour

Indian wildlife is usually defined by tigers and elephants that prowl the jungles and lush grasslands of central and north-eastern India. However there is a very different ecosystem that lies in the...

Tour Departs: January 4, 2017


15 Nights from


India biggame 1



Amazing Andalucia Birding Holiday

Andalucia is one of the most amazing and beautiful regions in all of Europe. The cultural highlights include stunning architecture from the Visigoths and the Moorish eras of Spain and the Imperial...

Tour Departs: January 5, 2017


9 Nights from


Spain bird 1



Just Wolf Watching (Yellowstone)

When the snow falls in Yellowstone our adventures are just beginning. The central and southern parts of the park are off limits but the North Entrance is open year-round for and it...

Tour Departs: January 9, 2017


6 Nights from


USA dogs 2



North India Birding (Corbett, Bharatpur & Chambal)

There really is nowhere on earth that is quite like India, home to amazing diversity in cuisine, culture, religion, history, wildlife and in particular birds. With over 1300 species recorded from India,...

Tour Departs: January 12, 2017


13 Nights from


India bird 1



Anacondas of the Los Llanos

Venezuela is one of the 10 most diverse countries in world of herpetology. The vast richness in species is astonishing, the total number of reptiles and amphibians is larger than those from...

Tour Departs: January 14, 2017


9 Nights from


Venezuela reptile 3



Chambal Birding Holiday

India is home to an impressive 1300 plus species of birds and is one of the top bird watching destinations in the world. But even in this huge country full of great...

Tour Departs: January 14, 2017


10 Nights from


India bird 1



Just Sloth Bears Tour (Satpura)

For so long people have been travelling to the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh to visit the popular parks of Kanha and Bandhavgarh. And for just as long people have been...

Tour Departs: January 17, 2017


9 Nights from


India bear 1



Yellowstone Winter Wildlife Tour

Yellowstone is one of the most iconic wildlife destinations in the entire world. With around three quarters of all the worlds geothermal features inside the park and a wealth of wildlife that...

Tour Departs: February 2, 2017


9 Nights from


USA dogs 3



Back to Ancient Europe

Forests hundreds and thousands of years old, the largest mammals in Europe and a truly primeval setting. With the best local guides and access to the top spots in Poland for rare...

Tour Departs: February 7, 2017


7 Nights from


Poland dogs 2



The Kingdom of the Snow Leopard

Most people who spend there entire life in the realm of the snow leopard never see one. But if you join our trek into the Kingdom of the Snow Leopard you will...

Tour Departs: February 8, 2017


16 Nights from


India cat 5



Tigers, Taj Mahal & Chambal River

India is a wealth of wonderful wildlife, historical and cultural attractions. There is an never ending variety of places to go and animals to see and this tour is a good Indian...

Tour Departs: February 18, 2017


8 Nights from


India tiger 1



Japan Winter Wildlife Tour

During the winter Japan becomes a wildlife watchers and wildlife photographers paradise and the wonderful winter wildlife is the main focus of this trip, firstly we visit Hokkaido where we will spend...

Tour Departs: February 23, 2017


13 Nights from


Japan primate 2



Sri Lanka Exploration

Over the last few years Sri Lanka has come to the fore front as the premier destination to see the largest animal to have ever lived. The blue whale is seen more...

Tour Departs: March 3, 2017


10 Nights from


Sri Lanka whale 3


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