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Looking for a a last minute holiday? Wanting to see if you can get away sometime soon? At Royle Safaris we always have a selection of wildlife holidays, wildlife tours and safaris heading out throughout the year. Below is a list of our scheduled tours heading out within the next 90 days, which still have spaces available on them. If any of these tours take your fancy put the dates do not suit, then do not hesitate to contact us as any of our tours can be arranged for other dates and for private group tours or even solo guided holidays.

So why not have a look and see if we can take you on your perfect last minute wildlife holidays, wildlife tours and last minute safari. If you do find a tour your interested in then contact us and see about booking your place on the holiday. As some of the late tours require visas and vaccinations which may take a few weeks to get you do not want to leave booking a tour too late. Plus the earlier you book onto a tour the more we can be assured of getting the best vehicles to explore the national parks in countries like India Safaris where the tiger safaris can be booked up far in advance.

Leaving within 3 Months


Ultimate Bear Adventure

Brown bears are one of the worlds largest and most well known mammals. But not many people will ever get the chance to see them in their natural environment. Finland offers one...

Tour Departs: June 24, 2016


9 Nights from


Finland bear 1



Best of British Wildlife

If you want to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and share your weekend with whales, dolphins, wallabies, sharks, seals and seabirds you do not have to go very far....

Tour Departs: July 4, 2016


3 Nights from


England shark 1



White Whales & White Bears

This summer tour to the far north of Canada will introduce you to the stunning flora, fauna and history of one of Manitobas most unique towns; Churchill. Famous for playing host to...

Tour Departs: July 10, 2016


8 Nights from


Canada whale 3



Extreme Territory

Home to one of the wettest places on earth, a place which annually survives cyclones; home to the largest reptile on the planet, the second largest bird, the largest marsupial, with the...

Tour Departs: July 11, 2016


14 Nights from


Australia marsupial 3



Trans-Himalayan Mammals & Birds

Few places look as barren and inhospitable than the Trans-Himalayan highlands. Rolling plains mostly made up of rock and a few hardy grasses and steep rocky mountains and outcrops do not seem...

Tour Departs: July 13, 2016


13 Nights from


India biggame 4



Fishing Bears & Smokey Volcanoes

This special trip is devoted to observing the huge Kamchatka brown bears in natural habitat. Travelling to locations like Kurilskoye Lake in time for the annual salmon spawning will coincide with large...

Tour Departs: July 18, 2016


9 Nights from


Russia bear 4



Birding on the Roof of the World

This tour is a great introduction to the unique environment, people, culture and history of Tibet. Guided by a zoologist and local birding guides you will see all of what southern Tibet...

Tour Departs: July 21, 2016


10 Nights from


Tibet bird 4



The Ultimate Spanish Wildlife Tour

Spain is Europes second largest country and a well known holiday destination, but forget the sun, sea and sangria that lures most people to this diverse and wonderful country. Instead think of...

Tour Departs: July 24, 2016


17 Nights from


Spain biggame 2



Plateau Mammal Paradise

Travelling to the high altitude Tibetan Plateau is a trip of a lifetime and the wildlife encounters people can have here are truly exceptional. This trip will take in the culture and...

Tour Departs: July 25, 2016


19 Nights from


Tibet biggame 5



Just Harpy Eagles Tour

Harpy eagles are the supreme avian predator, capable of grasping large mammals from trees and secretive enough to remain hidden from most prying eyes. By living high in the emergents which reach...

Tour Departs: July 26, 2016


8 Nights from


Brazil bird 1



Wildlife Cruise of Shantar Archipelago

Lying off the coast of the last untouched frontier, around 300km away from the mouth of the great Amur river and hidden in the south-western part of the Sea of Okhotsk lies...

Tour Departs: July 27, 2016


13 Nights from


Russia whale 1



Japan Endemic Wildlife Tour

The Land of the Rising Sun is a haven for rare and endemic mammal species and this tour aims to showcase some of Japans most iconic and unusual species. By exploring the...

Tour Departs: August 6, 2016


17 Nights from


Japan biggame 4



Tanzania At Its Best

Watching the huge herds of grazing wildebeest and zebra spread out across the rolling grassy plains of the famous Serengeti National Park and being surrounded by the densest concentration of predators in...

Tour Departs: August 8, 2016


6 Nights from


Tanzania biggame 1



South African Shark Bonanza

Obsessed with sharks? Want to swim with as many different species as possible? If answered yes to both of these questions then this tour is the one for you! We specialise in...

Tour Departs: August 10, 2016


12 Nights from


South Africa shark 5



Kalahari Rare Mammals Tour

Most people travel to South Africa for safaris only visit Kruger, but South Africa has so much more to offer wildlife enthusiasts. This tour explores two of the little known gems of...

Tour Departs: August 11, 2016


13 Nights from


South Africa biggame 1



Japan Bear Watching Tour

When people think about the wildlife of Japan, snow monkeys, dancing cranes and Steller sea eagles of the winter usually spring to mind. However the summer months have some of the best...

Tour Departs: August 12, 2016


13 Nights from


Japan bear 3



Sri Lanka Mammal Tour

Sri Lanka is a true gem in the Indian ocean and literally full of amazing wildlife, and so much of this wildlife is rare or endemic to the island. This tour is...

Tour Departs: August 18, 2016


14 Nights from


Sri Lanka biggame 3



Namibias Rare & Endemic Wildlife Tour

This 12 day wildlife tour aims to showcase some of the rarest and most specialist species in Namibia. Such as the desert adapted mammals, birds and reptiles which are often overlooked in...

Tour Departs: August 19, 2016


11 Nights from


Namibia biggame 2



Grizzlies & Orcas of the Raincoast

Travelling by float plane from Campbell River to Grizzly Bear Lodge for an up-close and personal encounter with grizzlies, sea lions, seals, humpback whales, orcas, eagles and black bears is an unforgettable...

Tour Departs: August 22, 2016


9 Nights from


Canada bear 1



Lost Land of the Iberian Lynx Tour

The Iberian lynx is not just the most endangered species of cat in the world but it is surely one of the most beautiful. Their golden-orange coats are dotted with numerous black...

Tour Departs: August 23, 2016


5 Nights from


Spain cat 1



Ecuadors Biodiversity Hotspots

Ecuador holds one of the worlds highest biodiversity rates. With over half of all the birds in all of South America and twice as many as live in Europe, more mammals per...

Tour Departs: August 24, 2016


12 Nights from


Ecuador primate 3


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