Highlands & Islands of Scotland Wildlife Tour

There are 26 known species of marine mammals that have been recorded from European waters and a little known fact is that 24 of them have been recorded from UK waters. Undoubtedly the best whale and dolphin watching in the UK is offered in Scotland. Both the east coast of Scotland and the west coast of Scotland have some incredible whale watching, it is very hard to pin point one location that is the best UK Whale Watching location as each coast offers the chances of spotting different species. That is why at Royle Safaris we have developed two fantastic itineraries, one visiting the east coast of Scotland for a wonderful Moray Firth Whale Watching Tour and the other a more typical Highlands and Islands Wildlife Holiday on the west coast.

Firstly we would like to introduce you to our Scottish Wildlife Exploration Tour, this tour starts in the UK’s most northerly city, Inverness. Before heading to the newest of the UK’s national parks and an absolute treasure trove of wildlife the Cairngorms. The Cairngorms are a rolling set of hills covered in heath land and coniferous forests that play host to one of the largest varieties of mammals in the whole of the UK. From the more common red & roe deer and mountain & brown hares to the rarer nocturnal species such as pine martens and Scottish wild cats the Cairngorms is one of the best UK Mammal Watching destinations. To try and see the two rarest species of mammals in the UK we will use a specialised nocturnal hide in the heart of the wilderness where bait attracts both pine martens and occasionally Scottish wild cats.


Scottish Wildlife Tour

West Coast of Scotland Wildlife Tour

But this wildlife watching holiday is not just focused on the terrestrial mammal life of the highlands, we will also be keeping a keen eye on the skies as golden eagles, black grouse, ospreys and Salvonian grebes can all be seen on this tour as well as the recently reintroduced white-tailed eagles. This huge eagle was brought back to the west coast of Scotland from populations in Scandinavia and are now breeding and fully integrated back into the ecosystem. We will try our best to see this incredible species as we travel around the Isle of Mull. Mull has become a stronghold for the white-tailed eagle as well as offering some of the UK’s Best Wildlife Watching.

But a huge part of this tour is dedicated to the bountiful marine life that is resident or visits the UK’s waters during the summer months. From the enormous basking sharks that take advantage of huge plankton blooms every summer to the huge colonies of grey and harbour seals, resident bottlenose, Risso’s, short-beaked common dolphins, harbour porpoise, minke whales and very possibly the iconic orca. This tour includes 2 full days of Whale Watching Tours around the Isle of Mull. When coupled with the mammal watching in the Cairngorms and birding throughout some of the best RSPB bird watching sites in the whole of the UK.

We have a great network of local guides and have hand picked the hotels and bed & breakfasts we stay in during our Wildlife Watching Tours of Scotland and most of the time we are inside the Cairngorms or sailing the waters of the Scottish coast we will led you to some of the very best wildlife watching that Scotland has to offer. These rolling hills, coniferous forest and plentiful coastlines are home to more deer, eagles, pine martens, seals, whales and dolphins than anywhere else in Scotland or the UK.

So please feel free to click on any of the links in this text and you will be able to review our west coast of Scotland wildlife tour. But if our standard itinerary does not suit your requirements then we can of course amend this and change the locations, duration of stay and focus of the tour to suit any of our wishes. All of this means that Royle Safaris is possible to offer this fantastic range of wildlife watching in Scotland and the rest of the UK and we have one of the greatest ranges of wildlife tours in UK, so we are sure to have the British safari to suit any budget.

So if you need any further information on our range of Scotland Wildlife Watching Tours or Whale Watching Tours then click on any of the link on this page of Contact Us for more information and we will be more than happy to help

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