Finland Bear Watching Holiday

Finland is one of the last great refuges of many European mammals which are rare or extinct elsewhere in Europe that is why this Mammal Watching Holiday is just about as good as it gets for wildlife watchers and mammal watching lovers. By using specially made hides deep inside the forests which allow you to wait and even sleep in the wild with the wildlife you can get up close and personal with the bears and other mammals on this Bear Watching Holiday. Along with the brown bears, wolves, moose, forest reindeer, beavers, stoats, hares and many other mammals and birds can be seen throughout this Finland Safari Holiday.

This is certainly one of the most comprehensive Bear Watching holidays around and with such a great success record of seeing mothers and cubs close to the hides, you can be assured of some great photo opportunities almost every night on this Finland Bear Watching Holiday. Which is why this is a must for wildlife lovers, wildlife photographers and Mammal Watching enthusiasts.

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